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Knife fighting techniques?

What are the basics of knife fighting?

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    Sorry to say but knowing a basics of knife fighting here in the internet, for sure you will not going to avail anything.

    In Escrima / Kali Arnis, you need decades of training for you to conveniently avail enough ability to defend yourself, even on the basic, you need to know the way of handling the knife, but most known hold of it are ice pick grip or hammer grip (standard or thumbs on the upper edge of the handle), stances, movements, waving, blocking, parrying and many more that as a starter, you need years to become familiarize with some important movements and shifting of stances.

    Most of strikings consist of twelve different attack and defense, movements of knifes vary on different forms and the most important facts is the repetitive kind of drills that consist of many forms and valuable ways and means.

    But you can achieve such things on legit dojo only, with qualified instructor that can explain to you the worth, advantage and disadvantage of it.


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    I assume you have the good sense to realize that you're not going to actually LEARN TO DO anything online here. It's simply impossible. So I don't mind sharing the outline of the information, because it isn't actually going to enable you to kill people with knives, beyond what you can do right now.

    There are different systems of knife fighting and all of them have different techniques--even different basics. For instance, Lua has different strategies than Escrima.

    The movements that work with long knives (e.g. machete, smatchet, Bowie, Arkansas toothpick) are not all the same from those that work with, say, 3-inch tactical folders, switchblades, or butterfly knives.

    The general attacking movements are:

    slashing (dragging across with the blade edge)

    thrusting (or stabbing--pushing through with the point)

    chopping (pushing through with the blade edge)

    ripping (dragging across with the point)

    pommel strikes

    Of these four, slashing, thrusting, and pommel strikes usually predominate. Knife targets are not all the same as targets for hand-to-hand combat, obviously, because the knife inflicts damage in different ways. But just like empty-hand fighting, speed of initiation, speed of response, and effective body mechanics are keys to victory.

    Defensively, the options are usually:

    defanging the snake (cutting the weapon-bearing limb)

    taking away the target (slipping, hollowing, or retracting an arm or leg)

    trapping (grabbing or pinning the weapon-bearing limb with the empty or "live" hand)

    Obviously, stance and footwork come into play for both offence and defence.

    I'd say those are the basics.

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    at present I watched a knife combating DVD spoke of as knife disarming from the Russian form 'systema'. tried to artwork out the distinctive recommendations and concepts with a wood and unsharp steel blade and located it incredibly functional. As is asserted someplace i the vid. In a knife combat there is not any triumphing purely surviving.

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    I have to go with Ironmongoose on this one man. Each style has its own basic techniques but you can not expect to get good just by asking questions via the internet. You need to find a Dojo, Dojang, or Kwoon to learn effectively. Many style preach different things. Some focus on trapping/disarming then striking, others preach striking to disarm.

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    You cant learn about knife fighting by asking stragers on the internet, you need to go to an authority who knows what they are talking about.

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    you dont need to be trained to know how to use a knife, an ice pick, brass knuckles, a shotgun or a chainsaw. Pick up knife, stab the motherf*cker

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    Cutting, slicing, stabbing. Other rather, there are 8 different directional cuts and a stab. Think of a compass. Those make up the basics of attacks.

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    Do you honestly believe that any well respected martial artist will tell you and the world how to use a knife? You are not any of ours student. If you want to learn martial arts you need to go to a place that teaches it and sign up. Then you will learn whatever the instructor teaches.

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