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Does Jacqueline Jossa (aka Lauren Branning) from Eastenders have Facebook?

The reason I ask this is because I've searched her on Facebook and there is so many fakes, I found one with lots of pictures of her and I think to myself where do they get all them pictures from, so I added her and I got suspicious cause other Eastender actors was getting Facebook all at the same time like a new actor would join every week and they seemed to be online at the same sort of times as each other, so I think its someone who is obsessed with them but were do they get all the pictures from? Does Jacqueline even have Facebook or Twitter? If so can you please leave a link to her account, thanks.

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    Favorite Answer!/realjacjossa its her twitter not sure about facebook maybe you could ask her on twitter if she has fb and send a link or something they can get pictures from twitter or google or she might have myspace or did have fb or has fb :)

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