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Would light wood cabinets clash with a dark dining rom table set?

I'm thinking of buying a house but I need new cabinets. I don't like dark cabinets and wanted a light colored wood for them. The dining room is in a separate room but is visible from the kitchen. I wanted a light tan brown on the walls with light colored cabinets. But in the dining room I would love a dark wood dining room table set with a dark wine red color on the walls. Would this clash and look terrible. Or would it look pretty? Also the breakfast room is separate from the kitchen but it is very much so visible from the kitchen. What should I do about a table for in there. It is completely open to the kitchen but still in a separate room. Its strange.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Okay alright. I get the whole thing.

    For the dining room I would suggest everything you included but for the dining room,. you would want some light tan floors, dark hardwood floors in the dining room would look terrible.

    Now for the kitchen. The tan color seems fine, you might wanna go a little darker than the tan color but nothing to dark. For the cabinets. Do not make the cabinets a light wood color. Paint them a nice white. The white will changed everything and make the room look a million times better. As for the breakfast room. Get a little glass table so it will the give the room a nice light lift.

    Hope this helps/

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You could re stain the cabinets. (lotta work) You could try a "wash" of darker paint reduced with water, But if the cabinets have a slick or varnished finish, it won't work. The best solution really is a tablecloth. Does the table have squared off corners? us sheet suspender to grip the cloth from being a temptation for the little miss. If the table is round or oval , stich a pocket into the cloth and insert a strip of elastic into the pocket. It will hug the table all the way around.

  • 6 years ago

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