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Does anyone know anything about this medical situation? (low blood platelets)?

My grandmother has been in the hospital for two weeks with a low platelet count. She was admitted with only 1000 and has since been fluctuating between 5000 and 30 000. The doctors removed her spleen thre days ago and that seemed to only drop them lower and faster. A bone marrow test ruled out leukemia but that's it. They've only done one CAT scan and that was the area immediately surrounding her spleen to make sure it was safe to remove.

Basically my question is this : has anyone else experienced any of these things with their family or even themselves? We're all very worried because he doctors have no idea what's wrong with her.

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    Well, I wouldn't think it would be leukemia, either. With leukemia, usually it is the white blood cells, not the platelets, that are are abnormal in the blood.

    Perhaps she is on some type of medication that can affect the platelets? Has she been evaluated by a hematologist? There are a lot of reasons that the platelets can go low.

    Source(s): Occupational Therapist in a hospital
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