What do you think of the Great Egyptian Revolution?

What happened in Egypt is building a new future .. youth honorable revolution, I am so proud of my country .. what do you think of it?


- Fist I really appreciate everyone who care about Egypt, Arabs in general and revolution, And For who care I wanna tell them that we care back.. we were up to date their election in the latest president election ,, the riots in England recently, .... etc.

- this 5% of us that have a favorable point of view of America is totally wrong, n' extremists are trying to take over.. they didn't do the revolution we did it and those extremists are maximum 10% of the whole Egyptians, mass media only show what they think it is not the whole reality.

- About those who don't care about Arabs in the first place well, okay .. who cares if you don't have an opinion, well it's not like you're gonna bring us to internationalization, I don't care about you either.

- And yeah Egypt has a country, do you believe t? I pet you never went to a school in you life nor watched any new .. their you'd know that ignorant ppl better keep their opinions to their selves

- For the Hippocrates who say that military s

Update 2:

the extremists didn't take over the country as they are saying on the news they just want everyone to think so in order to talk about Egypt the way you did .. no banning tourists or any of this is going to happen unless they control the country and we'll never allow them to do so


Modest Egyptians like me and all the millions of girls and guys that made the revolution are standing together against them

Update 3:


I know it's hard to rebuild the economy after decades of neglect but believe me we never expected A Revolution like this and all of you said it was impossible to happen in those days where it happened .. If anyone 11 month age would've told me that a Revolution is going to happen, I would've rolled on the floor laughing from sarcasm, but it happened and after that any other thing can happen

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    The fast-paced political earthquakes in the Middle East that we have been witnessing have one common denominator -- President Obama's influence in the region has shrunk to somewhere between a pittance and zero, while Iran's has been bolstered across the board.

    By his inability to shape events, Obama created a political vacuum that Iran's theocratic rulers are filling at an accelerating pace.

    Five examples should suffice:

    EGYPT--The Egyptian revolution has led to a perceptible warming of relations between Cairo and Tehran. Once a bulwark against Iranian hegemonic ambitions, Egypt now is nurturing a warm detente with Iran -- and the ayatollahs are only too happy to respond in kind. The Muslim Brotherhood, banned under Mubarak, has positioning itself as a major player in the new Egypt with an agenda bound to please Iran, while leaving Washington out in the cold..

    LIBYA--When the "Arab Spring" erupted and spread to Libya, Obama was quick to posture that "Qaddafi must go." But Obama applied no muscle to make this happen. Just the opposite. He insisted on a NATO intervention to be led by Britain, France, Italy and other alliance members, with the U.S. "leading from the rear" in a strictly supportive role. Qaddafi hasn't gone away.

    SAUDI ARABIA--King Abdullah is furous at Obama's quick readiness to throw Mubarak under the bus, leaving the Saudis bereft of their most important partner in resisting Iranian expansionism.

    LEBANON--The influence of Hezb'allah, a terrorist Iranian surrogate, has been steadily rising on Obama's watch -- despite a lot of hollow denunciations from the White House and the State Department. In fact, Hezb'allah now is the dominant political force in Lebanon. Obama's generous investments in trying to build up the Lebanese Army have boomeranged.

    ISRAEL-PALESTINE--Obama's greatest diplomatic disaster. When Obama came into office , he waded promptly into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, claiming that he could succeed in fairly short order where his predecessors struck out. Tipping the balance against Israel, he insisted that Prime Minister Netanyahu order a total construction freeze in East Jerusalem and the West Bank as a precursor to resumption of peace negotiations. Palestinian President Abbas had no choice but to insist on the same pre-condition. But Netanyahu, citing a history of previous negotiations without pre-conditions, wouldn't go along. Obama belatedly realized that he had blundered and tried to walk back his rash demands on Israel. That in turn infruriated Abbas, who rightly felt that Obama had left him twisting in the wind -- and said so publicly in a sharp rebuke to Obama. Instead of heeding Obama's agendato for a negotiated peace, Abbas left Obama in the lurch and opted instead for getting the UN to recognize unilaterely Palestinian statehood.

    Finally, Abbas completely distanced himself from Obama by cutting a reconciliation deal with Hamas, another terrorist surrogate of Iran. Riding high, Tehran immediately blessed the Fatah-Hamas "unity' agreement, brokered by Cairo's new power elite, as "the first achievement of the Egyptian revolution." Hamas immediately vowed there would be ''no recognition, no negotiations'' with Israel with Hamas sharing power.

    Wherever one looks at the Middle East map, Obama's star is dimming and Iran's keeps glowing ever brighter, an Obama legacy bound to haunt Washington for years to come. o_O

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    4 years ago

    You are proper that that's most likely exceptional. But now the truly paintings... Even in japanese Europe even after two decades they nonetheless would not have the equal stage of prosperity or freedom as in western Europe. And those have been nations that have been all set! It is an great assignment to make eighty million humans cross ahead. That can take 20, 30, forty, 50 years earlier than the schooling phases are the equal as in different loose nations. But the door has been opened, and that used to be a exceptional step.

  • 9 years ago

    I'm seriously afraid Egypt has traded one devil for another. All indications are that their is a strong fundamentalist Sharia faction among the rebels. There's already talk about banning tourists, western music and entertainment, tightly controlling what is taught in the schools, the virgin patrols, etc.

    Is this REALLY what you want?


    I truly hope you are correct, but the fundamentalist rhetoric coming out of Egypt these days should be very troublesome for people like you.

  • 9 years ago

    i'm from the philippines. We had our own peaceful revolution in 1986. The middle east should learn from us what to do and what NOT to do in the post revolution period as you become democracies. Trust me, its HARD to rebuilt the economy after many decades of neglect

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  • 9 years ago

    Don't worry not all Americans have a negative view or misinformed of what is happening in our country. The problem with many users in this section is they get their news from ms media from Fox to Msnbc which has created so much fear mongering especially towards the Muslim Brotherhood.. In two month when we have our Parliament elections and constitution formation and prove to the entire world that we are a new democratic model for the rest of the Mid East to follow: you will not hear again from those ignorants and their media will give more respect when its due...after all they supported the dictator for 30yrs what do you expect!

    Masr dayman 3azeema

  • 9 years ago

    Its Arab against Arab who cares? If a government is installed that believes in equality to all and respects its people's religious beliefs whether it be Judaism, Christianity etc then we can say all is well, Until that happens, we have to watch and be wary

  • 9 years ago

    I really don't care about any country in the Middle East not even Israel

  • 9 years ago

    It's gonna be another Iran.

    Another epic fail for the Obama administration.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I am willing to wait and see what develops and hope for the best.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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