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1. relation 與 relationship 的意思與用法的差異

2. read the letter 與 read from the letter 的意思差異

3. Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. 請問 in it在此如何解釋? 本句可改寫成Every problem has the seeds of its own soultion in it.嗎?

4. The plan was doomed to fail. 與 The plan was doomed to failure. 是否兩句皆可?

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  • PONY
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    9 years ago
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    版大問的問題都很細膩、深入,所以希望在不超版面範圍盡力解答。 A. relation vs. relationship (針對較常用到的情境) - relations (以複數出現) (指兩個國家、公司、團體等彼此往來溝通) Canada and Italy established diplomatic relations in 1970. Friendly relations in the workplace are very important. Relations between workers and management have improved recently. (強調兩者是主雇關係)

    常見的短詞::PR=Public Relations公關; International Relations國際關係; bilateral relations雙邊關係; interpersonal relations人際關係; U.S.-China relations美中關係; mutual relations互惠關係; strained relations緊張關係, etc. - relation (單數) = connection關聯 What relation has temperature to humidity? (注意: 要和 to 連用)= What’s the relationship between temperature and humidity? (研究論文常探討不同因素間的關連性就屬此) - relationship (和某人或事物涉及親密性、強烈情緒的關係,如父母子女間、夫妻間、伴侶間關係品質良好與否) Eric doesn’t have a good relationship with his father.What kind of relationship does she have with her mother?He has a domineering and strong personality, so he always has relationship problems. The relationship between workers and management has improved recently. (強調主雇關係品質良好與否) B. read the letter vs. read from the letter- read the letter: 指一般的「讀某封信」,即自己看懂即可,不涉及旁人。

    - read from the letter:指「把某封信的內容讀出來給他人聽」,例: 爸爸將校方寄回家的信,當眾讀給家人聽。

    Dad was reading from the letter, " Ramona is a bright young student... but lacks focus, often daydreams... and has very little respect for the rules of grammar... or rules in general. " 某工商團體將致函總統的信在某會議場合,唸給與會會員們聽

    Mr. Cain wrote the president a letter. Wall Street Journal published this letter. We have built that chart there -- we're going to enlarge it here for you. What I'm going to read from the letter basically -- excuse me -- explains the chart. C. Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. 請問 in it在此如何解釋? 本句可改寫成Every problem has the seeds of its own solution in it.嗎?

    它的意思就如同版大改寫後的。原句將in it挪前應只是寫作修辭的目的:一在強調,二來避免被較長的the seeds of its own solution隔開而被擠到句子最後位置。

    ..../to be continued

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    最後一題答案 改貼在意見 這裏貼不上

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    Doom以被動語態使用時, Sth/Sb is doomed to failure是字典會明列的慣用語,但它又偏偏又可用在Sth/Sb is doomed to do Sth這種句型結構,所以也有人在它後面加個 to fail。雖然,兩者皆無誤,但仍以前者較正統,這也很可能是為何在American Corpus龐大詳實資料語庫中,英美人士用前者的頻率有六成五的,而後者只有三成五。如果我個人來選用,我當然會選用前者。

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    Joseph, indeed it seems a giant task. That's why I'm getting more grey hair....

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  • jose
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    9 years ago

    To pony

    Very detailed explanation! We (at least I) are in debt to your meticulous interpretation.

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  • 9 years ago

    1)relationship 是人與人之間的「關係」

    2)read the letter的主詞是人



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