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Who gets the better end of this trade?

I give:

Brandon Lloyd

Danny Woodhead or Brandon Jacobs

I get:

Calvin Johnson

My team:

QB- Joe Flacco

RB- Maurice Jones Drew

RB- Rashard Mendenhall

WR- Brandon Lloyd

WR- Reggie Wayne

WR- Mike Wallace

TE- Antonio Gates

WR/RB- Chris Johnson

K- Alex Henery

D/ST- New York Giants

DL- Ndamukong Suh

LB- James Harrison

DB- Charles Woodson


- Danny Woodhead

-Sam Bradford

-Terrell Suggs

-Jon Beason

-Brandon Jacobs

-Nate Burleson

His team:

QB- T. Brady

RB- F. Jackson

RB- M. Ingram

WR- C. Johnson

WR- M. Sims-Walker

WR- L. Fitzgerald

TE- K. Winslow

WR/RB- A. Green

K- J. Brown

D/ST- Bears

DL- J. Pierre-Paul

LB- C. Matthews

DB- P. Chung


- C. McCoy

- R. Williams (wr-Chi)

- M. Schaub

- T. Hightower

- Lions D/ST

- B. Cushing

I think it would be fair because he needs another rb and brandon lloyd would fill in nicely for Calvin Johnson

What do you think?

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    YOu have to do it. Calvin Johnson is a proven great WR and will probably do even better than last year if Stafford can stay healthy. Lloyd had a good season, but what are the chances that he can do it again? Not too good. He isn't a safe choice. And getting rid of Woodhead doesn't really matter. Get rid of Woodhead, do the trade right away before he has a chance to change his mind.

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  • 9 years ago

    DO IT DO IT DO IT!! Brandon Lloyd is a one-year wonder. If he would take Woodhead with Lloyd for Megatron, you will be winning that trade hugeeee.

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  • 9 years ago

    DO IT. You get him and you'll kill.

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