Help me pleas! Tps sensor bad?

I bought a 95 eclipse gs and 10 min Into the drive it lost power and would not gain power. I pulled into a stop and let it sit for a minute. Started it up and it backfired bad. A mechanic came out and said it was a bad tps. He said this cause when i started it, it idled high then low, it cycle like this for a while. So I tried to drive it and it lost power and stalled. You can smell gas in the exhaust. Is the tps bad and flooding the engine? I have no cad converter. It also needs tcu. Pleas help

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    9 years ago
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    throttle position sensor(TPS)tells ecm what position your foot is on gas converter means no 02 info to ecm could be part of it. but sounds like mass air flow sensor(maf) it tells how much air is coming into intake maniffold.its the metal peice w/wire plugin)it is inline w air intake tube to throttle body-if sensor fails.any cracks cuts,loose hoseclamps. if air gets into engine without being measured by maf sensor it will inject inproper fuel to air ratio-backfiring,slugish eratic idle

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    4 years ago

    i'm having the comparable subject. I replaced the wires, coil, distributor, idle air administration valve, map sensor, oxygen sensor and throttle place sensor and my truck nevertheless idles incredibly intense. once I depart the vehicle engaged on idle for an prolonged time the verify engine gentle comes on. At that factor you will desire to be waiting to get a code from the two an OBD a million or OBD 2 gadget relying on the 300 and sixty 5 days of your vehicle. i will purchase a diagnostic gadget and plug it in whilst the verify engine gentle comes on. i do no longer think of you have become a code because of the fact the verify engine gentle isn't even on. i think of it must be on for it to output a code. additionally verify for vacuum leaks. replaced the PCV valve and all the vacuum traces that are cracked or appear like there is an air leak. additionally, in the experience that your vehicle is doing a ruff idle and it sounds like it is going to tutor off, it might desire to be the EGR valve it incredibly is caught open. If the EGR valve we could too plenty exhaust lower back into the intake manifold your vehicle will studder and would turn off. replace the EGR valve if it is so.

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