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How should I record a conversation for a movie?

I was curious as to how I should record a conversation for a movie. I was thinking I would use a shotgun microphone held over the people talking and then record the same conversation multiple times with different camera angles but use the audio recorded from the microphone. Would this be correct?

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    There are several ways to do this.

    The first is how you suggested, with a shotgun microphone and boom. This can give you decent audio. The second way is with lavs (small microphones attached/hidden to the actor's shirt). This usually works better for on-set audio as with a shotgun mike the boom operator will have to point the mike at the speaking character - meaning the boom op has to be pretty good at knowing the dialogue and switching between the speaking actors. If you have access to the lav mikes, I'd go with those rather than the shotgun. They tend to get better audio and less background noise (wind, passing cars, ect.).

    The last and probably best way is with ADR. This is when you record the audio at a studio or soundproof room after the scenes have been shot. This gives you the best audio as you'll be in a controlled environment. The only hard part about it is that some actors give better performances on set rather than standing in an audio booth.

    Regardless of what method you use, be sure to get quality sound, even if it means doing 10 takes of a scene. Be sure you have a good audio person who knows how to get quality sound on set - using windsocks, listening for cars/airplanes, how to set proper sound levels, ect. I've seen way too many indie films ruined because they didn't get good sound.

    Hope this helps!

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