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Anyone been hired at Walgreens with a felony?

Has anyone been hired at Walgreens with a felony? I'm applying for a job at Walgreens, but I have a suspended imposition of sentence for a drug related charge (possession of marijuana with intent to deal) from over four years ago. Once my probation is over it comes off my record, but until then I believe I have to claim I've been convicted of a felony. Anyone know if they would hire someone with my background? And should I claim it as a conviction?

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    My advice: just be upfront and honest about the whole situation. You don't have to go into extensive detail but Walgreens is a company founded on honesty. Just because you were convicted of a felony does not mean they won't hire you.. people change.. you make mistakes & you learn from them. The application will ask about it, so just put it in.. it's always better to tell the truth then to have it come out when they run a background check. When you apply online & go to the store to fill out the in store only skills test, ask to speak to the store manager. The store manager is usually there Mon-Fri from 9am-4pm. Ask if they are indeed hiring & tell them you applied & let them know you are interested in the job and ask them when you can call to schedule an interview.. leave them your name so they can look up your application. If they're hiring and do indeed interview you expect to be asked about it. However, a felony will NOT disbar you from being considered for the job. If you fail the skills test then they can't hire you.

    BEFORE YOU APPLY: If you have a probation officer you should ask him/her if you have to claim that you've been convicted of a felony once your probation is over. But still include a brief detail in your application because regardless it may still come up & you're always better off being honest.

    Source(s): I'm a manager at Walgreens.
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      Oh Please, I am a felon. I have been offered jobs . . . UNTIL THEY FIND OUT THAT I AM A FELON!!!!! I am not saying that we "EX"-felons will never find a job. What I am saying is that we're going to be ****** more times than not.

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    Yes they do and the store manager will never have to know just be honest with the cor office when they call u and ask about the felonies then he takes the info down and its all up to the cor office if u get hired they score ur back round check all the store manger can see is if u pass or fail ..believe me I asked many questions .. If there from a long time ago you have a good shot in getting hired I'm still waiting for my check to come back but they do hire people with felonies..

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