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Why do Megamind's eyes always stay green?

I've recently been watching Megamind and one thing puzzles me.

When he uses the disguise generator to turn into another person his eyes are the only thing that don't change, they always stay that lovely green colour. Why is that?

Also when he goes to disguise himself as Bernard, he doesn't record his voice - he's in a hurry so he just scans him and dehydrates him.

How come Roxanne Ritchi didn't know that 'Bernard' was really Megamind the whole time? And why is it that Megamind's eyes stay green when he's in disguise?

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    To keep the plot going, basically. The audience has to understand who is who in situations, so the mechanics of his watch worked out to the audience's understanding.

    Megamind's eyes stay green due to plot development. Why Roxanne didn't figure out it was Megamind the whole time, who really knows for sure...but she didn't figure it was really Megamind till the obvious was revealed.

    Note that when Minion disguised as Megamind, he had green eyes. Why? Plot development.

    That's why it was such a surprise when Minion was unveiled.

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