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Names of 10 Beautiful Villages in France?

Please give me the French name (with the article le, la, l', les) and please don't direct me to a site, I've been to a lot of them and half of them state villages not even located in France. They have to be in France. :D Thanks

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    There are 155 villages officially designated as "most beautiful villages of France", so it is impossible to narrow them to 10. You would have to select a region rather than the whole of France. Here is the list:


    The villages on the website which I am giving you are definitely in France and you can check the map at the bottom of the list. Those high lighted in green have a photo attached.

    Your request about le/la/ les/ l' would be met if any started with these articles. There are a number of places that do have le/la /les in front of the actual village name throughout France such as le Crotoy, la Rochefoulcaud , les Menuires, but by a strange coincidence few of them are in the most beautiful villages list. Most of those listed with an article in front of them start with "la".

    If the purpose of your question is to ask what are the most beautiful villages in France that have a name that starts with an article, here they are, and there are just ten:

    La Roque-Gageac



    La Roque-sur-Ceze

    La Garde Guerin

    La Flotte-en-Ré

    La Grave

    La Garde-Adhemar

    Le Poet-Laval

    Les Baux-de-Provence

    Source(s): French
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    There is an organization in France that awards the title "Une des Plus Beaux Villages de France" to beautiful villages. There is a list of all these villages on their website. I live in France, in the department of the Dordogne, and there are ten villages in this department that have earned that title, which means (in English) "One of the Most Beautiful Villages of France."

    The ten villages in Dordogne that are labeled Most Beautiful are:





    La Roque-Gageac






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    Wise Owl forgot one

    Le Faou in Brittany where my daughter lives !


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