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Runescape fishing question....................?

How long will it take for me to get from 80 to 99 fishing if I train 5-8 hours a day?


Nah. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Update 2:

Oops. I forgot to mention I'm fly fishing in seer's village.

Update 3:

I don't want to bot, tanner :/

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    good luck dude, fishing is a hard one.. really it depends what you plan on fishing. If you fish barbarian style (the fastest xp) you will get it faster that like the money way (rocktails etc.) I recommend reading a 99 fishing guide (they usually include xp rates). Possibly one by Bonbloc if he has one. He makes great 99 skill guide videos. I don't know much about fishing myself though, I only have 80 currently.

    You can add me on RS if you want, my total is around 1940, though my combat is only 105, I have at least a few years of RS experience, 3 99s blah blah blah. Anyway my username is Dan of Sages, my private is usually ON. if you do add me, however, please send me an e-mail (or if you do happen to make this the best answer, just put your username in that if you want) or don't add me, it's cool either way. i hope this helped.

    edit: just noticed you are fly fishing. do that for an hr, then see how much xp you got. then calculate how much remaining xp you need, and figure out how long it will take. shouldnt be too hard, gl

    edit2: about what the guy under me said. the halfway point is 92, not 93. the xp doubles every seven levels. the runescape wiki can help you with many issues you may have, including the exact amount of xp at 99, though its roughly 13,034,000. also, 6 months seems a little unrealistic. my 99s are agility, firemaking, and magic, and those didnt take me nearly that long from 80. you may want to consider the barbarian style fishing, though it's annoying because you have to drop fish often. the thing is though, fly fishing doesn't make much profit anyhow, and significantly lower xp rate.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well, the halfway point to 99 is 93. And fishing takes a looongggggg time to get skill mastery. But I'm guessing it would take 6 months.

    Source(s): I play. It really is a time consuming game.
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    9 years ago

    Gtfo that dumbass game.

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