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did Basque fishermen visit Newfoundland before 1492 common era?

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    Narrative and critical history of America edited by Justin Winsor


    The presence of the Basques on the coasts of North America long before the voyage of Columbus is often asserted and there is no improbability in a daring race of seamen in search of whales finding a way to the American waters There are some indications in the early cartography which can perhaps be easily explained on this hypothesis there are said to be unusual linguistic correspondences in the American tongues with those of this strange people There are the reports of the earliest navigators who have left indisputable records that earlier visitors from Europe had been before them and Cabot may have found some reminders of such and it is even asserted that ik was a Basque mariner who had been on the Newfoundland banks and gave to Columbus some premonitions of the New World.

    Basque cod fishermen were perhaps regularly sailing America's coasts long before Columbus, but didn't tell anyone about it because it was a prime fishing spot. America's coasts were a Basque's best-kept trade secret, and the massive hauls they could procure off of an unoccupied coast were a major contributing factor to their fame as fisherman.

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    Basque Fishermen

  • 6 years ago

    Basque whaling settlements in Newfoundland are dated older than 1492

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    It's generally believed them did, but there are no formal monuments or other indicators that could prove they did.

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    Presumably. There is evidence someone did.

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