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is a legitimate website?

Just checking on the safety of ordering and the quality of its products. I see that it takes Paypal, so that is encouraging to me. Just want to check it out, kind of looks too good to be true!

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    100% scam.

    That is a fake website pretending to sell cheap merchandise.

    Any site that advertises merchandise cheaper than the official manufacture's website is a fake site shipping gosh awful crappy knock-offs or simply collecting cash and not even bothering to ship fakes.

    The pictures on the site look like the real merchandise because those pictures ARE of the official merchandise. Those pictures were stolen from the official manufacture's website. If you receive anything at all, which is doubtful, it will not resemble those pretty pictures at all.

    The payment options say it all, Western Union, paypal and bank transfer. The credit card icons are just there for show, that site does not accept credit cards, only anonymous cash payments.

    Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check ID and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever.

    Paypal can only get your money back if there is money left in the scammer's paypal-linked bank account. Scammers know this and will immediately withdrawal your money and disappear. No money in the scammer's paypal-linked bank account means absolutely no possibility of refund for you.

    Your bank can only get your money back if there is money left in the scammer's bank account. Scammers know this and will immediately withdrawal the money you transferred. No money in the account means absolutely no possibility of you getting your hard-earned cash back.

    In all seriousness, when something goes wrong, what will you do? Send an email that is ignored and blocked? Send chat requests until you are ip banned? Call internationally and speak fluent Chinese?

    The UPS, TNT and DHL icons are there only to take up space, that site only ships with EMS, the Chinese post office, good luck getting the "tracking number" they give you to work on the EMS website. You will need even more luck trying to contact EMS when your tracking stops and your "package" is lost somewhere.

    You could then be really lucky, your "package" is discovered, seized by "customs" and all you need to do is pay even more money via Western Union or moneygram to the "custom's official" who uses a free email address just like that site has a free email address as its contact information.

    Free email addresses are easy to open and close completely anonymously.

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    I would not recommend this site for purchases. I made my first purchase and the order came to me in US after more than a month. Reason they didnot have the shoe in stock. Not sure why do they show the shoe in the site then.

    Then the worst part is the quality which is really not good. On the 2nd day of using literally after 12 hrs I realized that the show is damaged already as there was a metal place which had come out.

    Now I am fighting with for refund and there is literally a bargaining going on on "how much they will refund me".

    Worst ever purchasing experience.

  • 5 years ago

    I've actually ordered from them 3 times and received all of my orders. The thing is it took LIKE A MONTH to get my merchandise each time(I assume because it's shipped from China and has to pass customs). Also, there's no guarantee that your items will look exactly like the pictures. I was lucky enough to get shoes that actually fit and looked decent enough to wear but some of their actual clothes I would 75% were wearable. They're great for accessories if you're into collecting them. Hope this helps.

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    Sammy Dress Wiki

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  • 5 years ago

    I have place my order 11 days a go and now when I checked my email mail it tells me to send copy of my driving license and also opy of my card that I made perches with what the most scary part is that it asks me that if I have made payment with PayPal I should send picture of my credit card which is registered with PayPal.

    If someone thinks that is okay please let know

  • 5 years ago

    No. They take your money and provide sub standard/wrongly sized goods. I have been communicating daily for a week and they have offered me 50% refund for goods which are sub standard. DO NOT order from them. I currently have a paypal dispute and it remains to be seen if I get my money back.,

  • 7 years ago

    Not safe at all!!! No custormers after sales care, they are rude and unproffesional. Horrible people to treat with. I made an order, it came a month after, one dress I've ordered was left, no one answered me. I wrote many e-mails. NOTHING.

  • 5 years ago

    I placed an order 6 weeks ago 2/ more nothing. little bustards! lucky I think to pay by paypal!!

  • 7 years ago

    this site is not safe. I placed an order a month ago and I didn't hear from them again. thankfully I was able to get my money back through paypal!

  • 5 years ago

    a complete scam..took my money and only got 2 items that i orderd and they were horrible..tried to call them a fake phone no.. and no address to send items back.. i found one address out of california at the bottom of website, dont know though.. jus took my money....

  • 7 years ago

    hello pleas

    go directly open case in paypal

    then after that they will answer you always and they go tell you

    close case and we refund you

    but they not answer you in the case thats mean stolen

    after tow days i go upgrad cas let paypal do

    after è days they back me my money

    naver buying from this crap

    youcef from algeria

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