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Why should anyone vote for Rick Perry?

I understand Perry is poor on illegal immigration and that is a bad sign. President George W. Bush in my opinion hurt America badly and we really don't need another like him. Politicians are always lying about what they are going to do when they are elected and then go back on their campaign promises. Why should they be exempt from their falsehoods? The change we need is to bolster our borders, sink money into our own nation and not overseas. It's high time we fix our own problems. Sincerely isn't there anyone out there man enough to actually lead and protect America and her future or just employ more useless wordplay. The situation in the U.S. is grim and about to get worse and if we do not get someone in who has a REAL strategy to get this country on track we should be more than deeply concerned. I know everyone thinks Ron Paul is a nut job but after hearing him speak I believe he' would at least be a good adviser and taken seriously especially on issues like foreign policy.


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I myself lean more to conservative or constitutionalist but I like Ron Paul. Yes he has some weird ideas but not on foreign policy. He is probably more pro-America than anyone but sad to say I guess he hasn't a chance to be nominated. I am fed up with the Republicans falseness as well as the Democrats and I have come to think that both parties are crooked and work for someone other than the American people. Because politicians lie so much I believe it is just a smokescreen to get elected and then they immediately go against the wishes of their constituents. I wish their was a better way to hold these liars accountable and charge them with perjury and impeached.

Update 2:

Random article selection denoting Ron Paul's foreign policy regarding Libya.

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Libya

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    Perry knows how to create jobs.

    Perry has the smallest Government and it works well for the large state of Texas.

    Perry created 37% of all jobs in the USA. Know one else even came close to these figures.

    Vote Ron Paul he is the best person running.

    Ron Paul wants what is best for the people.

  • Rick perry has no braincells, check his last campaign, entitled, "strong". For all thousands of possible title, please tell me why did he chose that one? In his video which has 800 k downvote, he said stuff about Obama's war against religion, and gays should not be aloud to serve in the military. Rick is an embarrassment, look at the presidential debate in youtube, he looks like a dumb *** clown forgetting the third one.

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    we would have the main insane First lady in the White dwelling house in view that Mary Todd Lincoln known from Nancy Reagan's Ouija Board! Anita Perry is a suitable Wing Conspiracy loon! Mrs Cain would desire to be retarded, seeing how Cain hides her in her room instead of using her as an asset to his campaign.

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    Rick Perry will be as not as bad as Obama. Obama said that he will not unemployment go over 8% it in places it is 12% and going higher. Obama has raised the dept to 9 trillion and higher. He has raised taxes so high not the rich will be able get ends to meet.

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    LOL. I like how people say that under Perry Texas has created job. That is true, but you have to look at how it was done. Over 70% of the jobs created in Texas were taken from other states. Also 60% of those jobs created were at the minimum wage. An the biggest thing is that over 90% of those jobs were created with money from the federal government, which is oddly enough what every single republican is against.

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    anyone who has a lot of gold and silver should vote for rick perry (for that matter such a person should vote for anyone except ron paul). perry will follow in the footsteps of george bush and barack obama. the value of the dollar will drop to zero. the value of gold and silver will continue to skyrocket. ron paul , however, would stop squandering money and continue to support the constitution 100% of the time. the value of gold and silver would plummet.

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    After hearing Paul speak and yo still believe he can accomplish anything? What? Are you in the third grade? Foreign policy? Now that is really funny. Nukes for Iran? Wonderful plan there.

    You understand wrong about Perry. You are simply a parrot, because obviously you never had an original thought in your life.

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    I do not like Perry or Obama if Perry is the Republicans choice America is screwed because Both Obama and Perry are bad

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    Just because he has good hair, and is telegenic, doesn't make him JFK, or Presidential material~!

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    I wont lie to you i didn't read your complete topic cause im strapped for time in other places. However the premise of your question can be answer in one slight sentence.

    I cant think of one good reason to vote for this man. True Texan...

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