I want to dress like Nikki Sixx?

Not for like a day. I want my closet to be full of stuff similar to what he would wear without killing my wallet. Any retailers or on-line stores you can think of to help me. Or just the kind of clothes i should look for. His clothing line Royal Underground is really expensive.

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    10 years ago
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    awww nikki is the hottest guy alive <3

    such a babe <3

    i think his style looks pretty much thrown together, you can get these pieces almost everywhere for really low prices. here are two typical nikki style examples:


    for an outfit like this, you just need to buy a white shirt and remove the upper buttons. you also need a jacket like that, you can find similar chep ones at h&m or zara (i don't know where you live). combine it with some used-look jeans and a belt with large belt buckle. you can get belt buckles like that everywhere, in every store


    note the he wears such jackets a lot, and he often combines them with shirts. for this outfit, you need another jacket with a white shirt and a black necktie. wear the necktie really loose. nikki LOVES accessoires like rosaries or skull necklaces, you can get rosaries at every place, especially in cities that are famous for their catholic churches, such as barcelona (again, i don't know where you live). nikki wears used-look jeans most of the time, so this is what you need to do too. huge belt buckles are also his style.


    as you can see in this pic, he also loves bandanas.

    you should keep in mind that you should also wear your hair in nikki's style. a beard like his would also complement the style. he also got his ears pierced, he loves jewelry. you can get jewelry for men at almost every cheap jewelry store. try to wear some eyeliner too, but only the nikki style, not the emo style :)

    good look with your nikki styling

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    4 years ago

    Nikki Sixx Clothing

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    10 years ago

    Not sure but I wish you luck..Nikki Sixx always looks bad azz!

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    4 years ago


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    10 years ago

    online stuff is always cheap try something like target if your desperate but out an eBay hunt

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