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United fans pick current crop over '99?

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    If i had to choose..

    it would be Schmiechal over De Gea

    Gary Neville over Rafael

    Denis Irwin Over Patrice Evra

    Vidic and Stam

    Giggs and Beckham

    Roy Keane and i'm going to say Anderson.. i like him..

    Up Front its Rooney plus one... i cnat choose, but i think if i had too then i would say Dwight Yorke over Andy Cole.... Although Sheringham was pure Class...

    Class of 99 - 8

    Class of 2011 - 3

    Giggs is in both really, But 99 Giggs beats 2011 Nani imo... Giggs's goal against Arsenal just gets him in...

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    10 years ago

    Liverpool fans (on goal) also recently said Suarez was our best ever PL striker over Fowler and Owen etc

    It's because most people who vote in these things are young and/or foreign (like from China and India and stuff, not racist or anything) and they don't really know of the United 99 team or Fowler

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