Should I buy a mountain bike or a road bike?

I'm a college student interested in buying a bike. I'm going to use it mostly to ride around campus and around the city. I'm 6'3" and about 300 lbs. I have only ever ridden mountain bikes but have good things about road bikes. I keep asking my friends but am getting mixed answers. Which should I get?

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you are only planning on every riding around campus it doesn't really matter. I would guide you towards a hybrid style bike (or commuter) which tend to be the cheapest options for bikes. They generally don't have suspension and the tire width is around 27-30 mm (between the road bike and mountain bike). If you want to get more into riding than think a bit about your geography. If you live by hills or mountains there are likely good riding trails, so maybe get a mountain bike. If you live somewhere that is very flat, they perhaps a road bike will suit your needs better.

    My recommendation would be to find a local used bike store that fixes up and resells bikes. A big problem on college campuses is theft. So if you get a super nice bike, it is a big target. However bikes last a long time if taken care of and thus a used one will provide you with a good ride while still keeping the peace of mind that it won't get stolen as likely.

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  • 9 years ago

    Honestly, there isn't much difference aside from suspension and frame design. Even costs are similar. Really, your best bet is heading to a bike shop and discussing it with the staff. More importantly, you will want to find the right SIZE bike for you.

    I'd personally like a mountain bike, just for the versatility. While you may not go off-road much, riding off curbs is a lot more comfortable with some suspension.

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  • hatt
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    3 years ago

    pay attention, off hand i'd say mountain motorbike, pass usa stressful tail, 29in wheel if your interior sight motorbike shop caters to them, maybe a cyclocross (drop bar, appears like a highway motorbike yet bolstered physique with adequate clearance to run 45cm tires) yet those adult males that say hybrids (I evaluate hybrids any motorbike that would not have an linked race) are off base. Hybrids gets you no extra advantageous of a paintings out than walking and if it somewhat is all you like that's nice. they are made for human beings that have been injured on motorcycles that have been too massive or too small and now they journey those 0.5 motorcycles because of the fact of it. If human beings took the time to purchase the wonderful length and have the motorbike shop do even the main rudimentary motorbike extra healthful they does not have this issue. i've got considered it time and time returned, the extra stretched out you're, the quicker you bypass, the extra advantageous exercising ordinary. nevertheless in case you're too stretched out then you definately will journey numbness interior the arms. the better the seat the fewer discomfort on your knees yet too extreme will reason saddle sores. Seats are continuously troublesome, yet solid shorts (approx. $one hundred fifty) help. respected seat companies would have a demo application by a solid motorbike shop. Saddle place is incredibly substantial even though it nevertheless boils right down to trial and mistake. there's a great form of matters which will finally would desire to be addressed yet this adequate to get you going.

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