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Cheapest roofing company in Michigan?

I'm looking for a low price roofing company in Michigan (zip: 48185) Need hip-roof on a 17-18 squares roof. I was getting estimates of around 6000-7000 and I'm looking for something lower than that (half the price if it is possible :S)

Thanks for Your time.

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    Roofing and Waterproofing NY provides all kinds of professional and reliable services to

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    Best thing to do is drive around and find a crew on the roof, These are normally the sub contractor which work for about half of what roofing companies charge. Usually one of them speak english, and they can give you the boss's number if he's not on the job site. A fair price , since you're not a roofer will be $65.00 a square for one layer of tear off and put back on. This is labor cost only, and you'll have to buy all the material.

    You can buy all your material from Home depot or Lowe's, They usually deliver for around $60.00

    Labor= $1170.00

    $85.79 a square for shingles =$1544.22

    $17.29 felt paper =$86.45

    $50.00 nails= $50.00

    $3.25 metal drip = $91.00

    Valley $50.00

    Total $2991.67

    I'd add another 20% to this cost for taxes and extras that I probably left out. You being from Michigan you''ll probably need some type of ice guard. So add for that too.

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    The cheapest bid might work for the US gov't, but is that what you really want?

    If more than one company is coming to you with a bid in the 6-7K range, well, that's probably as good as it gets. Somebody coming in lower is going to cut a corner somewhere, and you won't know it until the first big rain, or the last snow of the winter, or whatever.

    I used the lowest bidder on a project just recently, and they were seriously the lowest bidder by a large margin. They did half the job and disappeared.

    Granted, they never sent an invoice so it's no skin off my nose, but still - I'm willing to pay if they'd finish the job. That's what I get for going with a crazy lowball bid: crazy lowball work.

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    Probably some toothless fool named Bill that is partners with his nearly lame brother Lemuel. They specialize in "Whole House Showers"


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