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Will I be able to sue a bank for freezing funds on a business checking account?

The mistake was the banks fault yet they held my funds and could not conduct any business.

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    you can fight but you wont win. they have so many disclaimers when you open an account its covered. besides they have endless money it wont be worth it for your time and efforts. but if you can find a lawyer who is willing to do a free consultation it couldn't hurt. but if you do your will have to prove that you lost money and how much. like you had a job and it was cancelled because of the mistake.

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    First you must have suffered a REAL damage like lost of income; and you must be able to prove it.

    What you can't do is to sue for the inconvenience or because you are angry.

    REALITY: Even with a real damage it might not be worth the time (years in court) and the money (thousands in legal fees) to sue. Also there are many circumstances that make the bank not liable for temporary delays (read the fine prints on their Term Of Service.)

    In simple words: if you lost 1 or 3 millions then go for it. If you just had a bad day then let it go (or close your account in protest and go to another bank.)

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    yes you can sue for that. document your damages such as loss of goodwill, inability to make payments etc.

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