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Zebra Gal asked in PetsFish · 9 years ago

Can African Dwarf Frogs be white?

There's a small pet shop close to my house that sells what they claim to be ADFs. Their front and back feet are webbed and everything else checks out except for their colouring which is white, no spots or anything. I've looked around the internet and so far I haven't found any info on white ADFs (except for when they're dead and these frogs are very much alive and well). Anyway any info would be appreciated! Thanks! Also they don't have red eyes so I don't think they're albino

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  • 9 years ago
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    They might be this new morph I've heard about. Not albino, but leucistic. Double check webbing at the front. Also, they will normally have some spotting, and might even be almost see through. The eyes would be black or grayish, not red. If red, they are albino, which I have not heard about yet.

    A picture would be great.

    Normally white would mean clawed frogs, but color morphs often can appear from selective breeding and a leucistic would not surprise me. Ask the pet store for the scientific name.

    Know that it is very common to see ACFs as ADFs, and the old rule used to be that if it was albino or white it most certainly was an ACF...but again, new morphs are made in different species all the time!!! I've been hearing about this new morph this year, 2011, but have yet to see one physically. You might have run across the new breed!!!!


    Sure enough, here is a picture of a leucistic! They do exist.


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    no a lot of pet shops confuse an african dwarf frog for a african clawed frog. ADF'S are olive green to gray. if its albino its most definitely an ACF which grow way bigger and are much more aggressive. I've never heard of a white ADF.

    heres some info on both ADF's and ACF's to help you determine what it is because I can be wrong but from what your saying it doesn't seem like its an ADF. I would need pictures to be 100% sure



    Source(s): I have 4 ADF'S
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes, there are albino ADF, if they have pink eyes the are the albino form, if not they may be something else.

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  • 9 years ago

    They come in colours of











    Source(s): google images
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