Hollister interview????

i got my hollister group interview coming up what should i know before i go in there? and if you'd ever did a group interview at hollister what was it like ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I went to the hollister interview, so here's what i was wearing and what i did.

    Hollister shorts, navy hollister shirt. Black flip flops (you can't wear black but it was the only one i had, however she did mention that if i get hired i cant wear black)

    My hair was natural with soft waves (I am a brunette with blonde highlights)

    Make up - mascara, blush

    Just smile and look confident. Search Hollister questions/answers online. They help alot. They will ask about the diversity for sure, and why is it important. And you have to say lots of good things about their store.

    Good Luck!

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