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I am looking to make a mobile site and want to know if it is possible that when I create the site that I have pages to which people can decide to call the number. Like they find info on page A and want to call the person on page A. Can they do that? Or someone on page D? I've found a few free-ish sites that have a call option but only to one number. Does anyone have any ideas online mobile site builders with this feature?


Yes that is what I want. So what would I be looking at making an app then instead of a mobile site? Am I getting my terms confused?

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  • Astano
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    10 years ago
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    Im not sure i understand your question but if you wanted to make a (phone) number within a page callable so that someone could just press the number and there phone would ring it then you would have to rely upon the phone to have the feature, most phones highlight phone numbers within webpages and give the user the ability to call it. There is no way to really program a website to do this, you just have to rely on the users.

    Your best bet is to rely on the user having a feature to call your number from within the webpage, if not they could right it down or just copy and paste it to the dialer!

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