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Sergeant Brown's Parrot?

I'm having trouble figuring out whether there is any special meaning or message. I also tried researching this poem but came up with nothing. Anyone got any ideas?

Sergeant Brown's Parrot

Many policemen wear upon their shoulders

cunning little radios. To pass away the time

They talk about the traffic to them, listen to the news,

And it helps them to Keep Down Crime

But Sergeant Brown, he wears upon his shoulder

A tall green parrot as he’s walking up and down

And all the parrot says is ‘Who’s a-pretty-boy-then?’

‘I am,’ says Sergeant Brown.

-Kit Wright

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    Whimsical disjunct between the serious worldly policemen talking to their 2-way communication machines as an act in the business of maintaining law and order, against sergeant Brown and his living parrot happily locked into an endless cycle of self-affirmation. I'm sure there are philosophical, sociological and even political readings possible, but Kit Wright authored books for children, so might not have written too much into it.

    Maybe there was a real Sergeant Brown.

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    Absolutely a true to life expression, having a Parrot for many years, and law enforcement relatives, this is relative to the communication device and the life in the scenario.

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