Batman Nolanverse fanfics?

Please suggest some fanfics that take place in the Batman Nolanverse and that don't contradict the events depicted in the ones I am soon to list.

Below are the (official/unofficial) works I have personally ordained part of the Batman Nolanverse continuity:

1. Batman Begins (audio-visual film)

2. The Gotham Times (mock-up newspaper)

3. Batman: Gotham Knight (animated audio-visual anthology)

4. The Dark Knight Project (audio visual short film)

5. Gotham Tonight (audio-visual mock-up news broadcasts)

6. The Dark Knight (audio visual film)

7. The Joker Blogs (audio visual mock-up internet blogs)

8. Riddler Blogs (audio visual mock-up internet blogs)

Note: Please do not recommend novelisations. I hate novelisations with the same vigour as most people do with Pol Pot.

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    Have you been to WhySoSerious.

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