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Why is your favorite song.. your favorite song?

Like what's the reason? Is it the lyrics, beat, artist, meaning, etc.?

BQ: What is your favorite song?

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  • :)
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    8 years ago
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    I have a couple. I particularily like Drops of Jupiter by Train because it's deep and I like deep songs better than most of the rubbish that blasts out the radio today. And it also brings me back to reality and encourages me to listen to more old songs lol

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  • 5 years ago

    This Broken Soul by Rebecca Kneubuhl is my favourite for SO many reasons but I'll list a few

    1: I can relate to the lyrics

    2: It's so touching but sad

    3: It's not one of those overrated songs on the radio today

    4: Rebecca Kneubuhl is a really good singer

  • 8 years ago

    Because The Smiths were a great band with a unique sound. The lyrics are beautiful, the gutiar work is outstanding. The use of strings is inspired. I could go on all day

    BA: There is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    My favorite song can only be my favorite song if it was especially dedicated to me. I don't have a favorite song. In my case, I'd like to think it's the lyrics...but if you listen to the lyrics and everything within the context of the song, including the vocal and instruments, it's a very good song.

    BQ: Currently, it's by Nickelback--Far Away.

    I can only hope it's still as meaningful as it first was when it was dedicated, to him.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's a mixture of the instrumentation, the vocals and the lyrics. Of course, for instrumental pieces, just take away the vocals and lyrics.

    BQ: It changes from time to time but, right now, I think I'd have to go with "Kick in the Head" by Cross Canadian Ragweed.

  • 8 years ago

    "The Roof" by Mariah Carey arguable one of the greatest R&B/Hip-Hop songs of all time, the lyrics are so poetic, deep and emotional, her vocals reflect and reinforce the emotion and the heavy Hip-Hop beat is softened by the beautful haunting piano chords... the song is just a masterpiece even the video... The most underrated song in my opinion even Carey's talent is, she wrote and produced the track and creatively sampled Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones (Part II)

  • emmy
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    8 years ago

    Across the Universe and Julia both written by the Beatles. The emotions, and the deeper truth behind each one of the words appeals to me in every way possible.

  • 8 years ago

    Theatre of Tragedy - On Whom the Moon Doth Shine

    Usually just the way it sounds (: the beat

  • 8 years ago

    Because I immediatly felt harmony when I heard it, before I even knew what the lyrics were.

    And then once I heard the lyrics I liked it even more

    Ordinary Girl by Rebellution:)

  • 8 years ago

    Because of the meaning and beat of the song...

    BQ: Still Unbroken of Lynyrd Skynyrd...

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