If somebody invented a cloning machine, who would you want to clone?

i would want to clone michael jackson. A clone of him is the closest we can get to another MJ. NO ONE will EVER be as wonderful,as pure, as loving, as sweet, as kind, as talented as the King. R.I.P and happy birthday my moonwalking angel! <3

Who would you clone?


Tiffany Harris- that is so sweet :) im sorry for your loss

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    9 years ago
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    That is a good choice. However, i would like to clone my mother since i lost her at a young age. That way i would get to know her and my children would get to meet their grandmother:)

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    9 years ago



    Isaac Newton




    Louis Pasteur



    James Clerk Maxwell

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Isaac Asimov

    Carl Sagan

    Karen Carpenter

    Olivia Newton-John

    Michael Jackson (prior to the Pepsi incident)

  • Unfortunately, Micheal Jackson needs to be alive to clone himself. Now after his death his cells have died if someone clones him he/she will get a dead clone, obviously. I am sure that at the starting of this cloning machine, clones will be weak (or unsuccessful) because it is just the starting. I would clone someone great who is alive, whom I would be really sad for if he/she died.

  • 9 years ago

    I would clone the person who invented a cloning machine, so the clones would make more cloning machine.

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