To become a doctor, what classes do I need to take in collage?

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The commonly accepted coursework requirements for medical school include a minimum of 1 year of:

General biology
Physics with lab
General chemistry (inorganic chemistry) with lab
Organic chemistry with lab

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  • Shan answered 3 years ago
    First - try an English class to learn to spell College.
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  • Eurydike answered 3 years ago
    You need a bachelor's degree. Most people that want to become a doctor study something like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. There's no requirement that says you have to major in something specific, but you will need to keep up with your science courses on the side if you don't major in something related to science. After that you apply to medical school. You need to take the MCAT exam as part of your application.
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  • Peas ON Earth answered 3 years ago
    It depends on what kind of Dr you want to become. You will need to have amazing grades in high school and in college and after some basic classwork you will go to a hospital and do premed work for about 8 years I believe. If you go into psychology you wont ever do premed so again it depends on what kind of Dr you want to become. I suggest getting some books on the subject and watching some surgeries like plastic and operations. Good luck!
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  • Volleyholic answered 3 years ago
    Biology, chemistry, and all other available science classes related to the human body, and get straight As. And get straight As in all your other classes too.
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