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Federal Judge Slam Anti-Immigration law?

Alabama's immigration law has been the subject of many protests since it was signed in June.

The law had been scheduled to take effect on Thursday

Church leaders and civil rights groups oppose the measure

State officials say the law will help Alabama and not violate civil rights

A federal judge blocked enforcement of a tough immigration law in Alabama on Monday.

What are your thoughts? Is this why we are a Nation of Immigrates?

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  • 9 years ago
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    our government was set up in such a way that those writing the laws don't have final say in terms of weather those laws jive with constitutionally guaranteed rights, that job is left up to the judicial system, and in times where the case will be longer or scheduled for a date after the law is in effect the judge may require the law to be ignored until they can actually rule on it.

    we should not fear our own legal system, for it is the only thing that separates us from the tyranny of despotism in the name of security.

  • 4 years ago

    What would you assume from the Mayor of l. a., he's Mexican (gee i contemplate whether he's right here legally). The AZ regulation has already surpassed a pair of judicial comments, nevertheless those are basically critiques they have suggested that the regulation falls in the regulations of the form. the real attempt would be while/if it is going to courtroom. In 2004, Arizona surpassed a regulation(Prop 2 hundred) that required one to show citizenship previously you should sign up to vote or previously receiving public information. This regulation additionally required the human beings working in those factors to show in any and all suspected illegals. If an expert grew to become into got here upon to have violating this regulation a citizen ought to sue them for damages. In 2007 Arizona surpassed HB 2779 and the governor suggested here “Immigration is a federal accountability, yet I signed HB 2779 because of the fact it somewhat is now abundantly clean that Congress unearths itself incapable of managing the great immigration reforms our usa desires. I signed it, too, out of the perception that the pass of unlawful immigration into our state is by the consistent call for of a few employers for lower priced, undocumented exertions.” lots of what's in SB 1070 comes from parts of the above bill, in specific the words in regards to the hiring of illegals. Whose interest is it to enforce our Immigration regulations ? The accountability of that falls under the authority of place of delivery protection and Janet Napolitano is yet another of human beings that say that the Arizona regulation is unconstitutional yet like Holder has not examine the bill. Does it come to a marvel to the liberals that AZ proposition 2 hundred and HB 2779 have been signed in to regulation with the help of the Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano ? i think that the constitutionality of a regulation relies upon on which occasion you belong to. so a tactics Janet Napolitano has controlled to show that she is incredibly able to conversing out the two factors of her mouth.

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    9 years ago

    And the Supreme Court will allow it like they did the Arizona law. Waste away money illegal immigrant supporters. That's right, we are a nation of immigrants who asked to come here instead of walking in like they own the place and demand benefits. Excuses won't fly against the rule of law.

  • 9 years ago

    Legal immigration brings law abiding citizens.

    Illegal immigration invites the criminal element.

    Our motto was send your poor to America, not your murders and rapists.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    we are a nation of immigrants,who HAD TO AT LEAST ASK TO COME IN...the people now just have to spit on the flag to get in ...great group hunh?

    but hey,... they have plenty of friends in the democrat party...

  • 9 years ago

    Lets draw the line

    between LEGAL immigration and ILLEGAL.....

    I'm all for LEGAL immigrants, and as for the ILLEGAL ones

    they can all go to HELL!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Scumbag judges need to quit overturning the will of the people!!!

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    9 years ago

    im still for us being a nation of immigrants

    and im glad they stopped the law.

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