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10 gallon tank and what else to put in it?

I recently posted a question on putting putting fancy guppies, Neon Tetra's and Danios in a tank with my 2 albino African clawed frogs. But most people said that wouldn't be good. So I was wondering what I could put in there with the 2 frogs. Name anything crabs,turtles fish ext. I want it to look colorful. Remember it's a 10 gallon tank.


Can I put to betas in one tank?

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    ACFs don't mix with fish. Period. Unless your intent is to feed the frogs.

    Also, you're overstocked as it is. 2 ACFs require 20+ gallons.

    So, no fish, upgrade your frogs, and use your 10 gallon to house fish (ONLY) that are compatible to that volume.

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    I had two African frogs to and I had them at first with a betta and the lived happily until the frogs got so big and they ate the beta. But if I were you I would get a beta any way because the frogs grew really slowly so the beta would be fine for a while. Plus you can feed the frogs and the fish the same things(floating pellets), and the beta really makes the tank look cool.

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    I had these frogs once. It is very hard to find anything to go in with them. I tired a female betta but she bite a toe off one frog. The only thing I could find where small catfish, they got along well with the frogs, but would chase them off when they were resting because the catfish was looking for food. Small eels may work, but I have not tried them. Turtles will eat the frogs. Crabs may be a good idea

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    1 betta only, not more, but they are not a good idea with clawed frogs. I don't think it's a good idea to mix them with any fish, personally.

    In a ten gallon, I'd say 6 ember tetras are your best option. Even if your shop doesn't carry them, they can order them in.

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    If you have a better filter(higher gph) you could fit more fish in the tank, though not recommend that is one way to get around the 1inch per gallon.

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