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who willl give me ride to college?

i cant afford bus.i wanna go to dvc,i need ride on mondays and wednesdays at 8's in california ,plasant hill.

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    I doubt you can find anyone on YA to give you a ride, most people here will not live in your area? Try putting a sign up at the school in places where people hang out [cafeteria, lounges, etc], or ask people who live in your neighborhood- maybe someone you know drives to or past the school on their way to work everyday?

    If that doesn't work then go to the financial aid office at the college and see if they can help you out in some way- maybe you could apply for a grant or take out a small loan to help pay for transportation expenses.

    Oh also this may help, has a link to a carpooling site for the area around dvc

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    Sorry, I live a few states away. :(

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