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What would you name quadruplets using these names? plus BQ?

These are the top thirty boy and girl names in France in 2009. What would you call quadruplets (4 babies) using them? First and middle, you can choose the genders:

Lucas, Nathan, Enzo, Louis, Mathis, Jules, Gabriel, Hugo, Raphael, Leo, Theo, Tom, Ethan, Noah, Arthur, Matheo, Thomas, Yanis, Maxime, Clement, Adam, Paul, Antoine, Mael, Evan, Timeo, Alexandre, Axel, Nolan, Baptiste

Emma, Jade, Lea, Chloe, Manon, Ines, Camille, Sarah, Zoe, Lola, Clara, Lilou, Louise, Maelys, Eva, Lena, Anais, Romane, Lina, Lucie, Louna, Juliette, Oceane, Clemence, Lisa, Mathilde, Jeanne, Marie, Ambre, Lou

Bonus Question: Which of these three girl names do you prefer?

Melinda 'Mel'

Margo 'Maggie'

Matilda 'Mattie'


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    Noah Gabriel

    Adam Thomas


    Clara Marie

    Eva Camille



    This was fun :-)

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    Axel Gabriel, Noah Lucas, Adam Thomas, & Nolan Ethan

    Sarah Jade, Eva Marie, Chole Lea, & Juliette Lisa

    BQ: Melinda

  • Cassie
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    9 years ago

    Lucas Jules, Louis Evan, Nathan Clement, Enzo Thomas.

    Chloe Jeanne, Oceane Jade, Emma Lou, Lola Zoe.

    And I like Margo. :)

  • 9 years ago

    Lola Jade

    Arthur Thomas

    Leo Gabriel

    Zoe Juliette


    ilike Margo!

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  • 9 years ago

    Clara Jade, Juliette lea, Noah Paul, Nathan Lucas

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Lucas, Nathan, Gabriel, Leo

    Emma, Jade, Sarah, Zoe, Lina, Lucie, Juliette, Jeanne, Marie, Ambre,

    Lucas, Leo, Jade, and Sarah.

    BQ: Jade, Sarah, and Zoey.

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    Lucas Arthur

    Nathan Hugo

    Noah Maxime

    Thomas Leo


    Eva Lisa

    Lina Marie

    Mathilde Jade

    Emma Lucie


    Matilda (Mattie)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Jade, Chole, Camille, Lola, Lilou.

    Louise, Marie, Lea, Emma. I also like Lucie lots!


    Louis, Gabriel, Noah, Mael.

    Alexandre, Lucas, Jules, Nolan.

    BQ: Melinda 'Mel' and ' Margo 'Maggie' I like the nickname 'Mattie' but i dont like the name Matilda.

  • Nathan Leo

    Nolan Gabriel

    Camille Juliette

    Eva Jade

    Nathan, Nolan, Camille, and Eva

  • 9 years ago

    4 boys:

    Nathan Paul

    Gabriel Matheo

    Thomas Adam

    Nolan Lucas

    "Nate, Gabe, Tommy & Nole"

    3 boys, 1 girl:

    Nathan Gabriel

    Nolan Matheo

    Lucas Adam

    Juliette Sarah

    "Nate, Nole, Luke & Lia"

    2 boys, 2 girls:

    Nathan Lucas

    Nolan Gabriel

    Juliette Eva

    Jade Sarah

    "Nate, Nole, Lia & Jade"

    1 boy, 3 girls:

    Nathan Gabriel

    Juliette Sarah

    Jade Clara

    Lea Marie

    "Nate, Jill, Jade & Lea"

    4 girls:

    Juliette Eva

    Jade Lucie

    Clara Zoe

    Lea Marie

    "Jill, Jade, Ara & Lea"

    BQ* Melinda

  • 9 years ago

    Leo Alexandre

    Juliette Marie

    Lea Camille

    Chloe Anais

    BQ: Matilda


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