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Can anyone else smell something fishy about this whole LIBYA conflict ? oO ?

From being loved and respected by everyone in Libya and riding around Libya hanging out of the sunroof of slowly moving vehicles without ANY protection, or worries of assassination..... to being hunted like a fox in the space of 6 months has turned Gaddafi's country into a war zone.

But i want to know why theres so much foreign involvement in this thing, Israel paying mercenaries, obvious indications of western special forces assisting in most of the events from the beginning of this "up-rising" to this point today ...... how would so many civilians, bankers/bakers/candle stick makers, know how to operate and maintain equipment and vehicles such as Russian Tanks and MG 42 `s ?? How would these "civilians" know how to strip down a MIG and place rocket pods on a toyota flat bed , and get it operational ....... not every man in Libya will know how to call in air support and target something with mortars neither. So .... why is there no explanation as to why so many of these people know so much ?, that's not the only part that doesn't add up.

Gaddafi Duck , has said for a while now that theres Al-Qqaeda presence amongst the rebels, and its been thrown around that a well known member of Al-Qqaeda is actually pulling SOME strings in the whole rebel movement ..... Now ..... Al-Qqaeda , (correct me if im wrong) was formed and operated by the C.I.A .... (like a puppet on a string)... and was used to fight the Russians. So ... why is Al-Qqaeda so involved in this ?? Is this why America got the ball rolling then said " were not playing a major role in this " , then stepped back into the shadows ?

Another thing ....... if YOU.... personally wanted to get rid of a "dictator" who was "slaughtering innocent civilians", and you had the likes of , the CIA, MI6, NAVY, SEALS and SAS at your disposal ...... what would YOU do ?? would you start a bombing run and level buildings all over the country for the sake of one man ?? Would you ignore the other countries who are "slaughtering innocent civilians" whilst running your bombing campaign on one country alone ?? Or would you send highly trained snatch squads after Gaddafi and the creepy fella in Syria, then either put em down or sentence them for crimes against humanity ??

And what are the people rising up against ? Gaddafi has kept Libya free of western suppression for years now, the people loved him for it ..... is this not just one big smash and grab on another country with oil reserves ? oO ? (the largest in Africa, and ninth largest in the world..... i should add).


western ----->oppression< -----and----> Al-Qaeda <----- lol spell checker hates me XD

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    History of Libya under Muammar al-Gaddafi - Political unrest in Cyrenaica during the 1990s

    ‘ In the 1990s, Gaddafi's rule was threatened by militant Islamism. In October 1993, there was an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Gaddafi by elements of the Libyan army. In response, Gaddafi used repressive measures, using his personal Revolutionary Guard Corps to crush riots and Islamist activism during the 1990s. Nevertheless, Cyrenaica between 1995 and 1998 was politically unstable, due to the tribal allegiances of the local troops. ‘

    US military advisers in Cyrenaica 25-02-11

    Libyan opposition forces during a training session. British forces were captured by Libyan anti-government forces 06-03-11

    Yes, that’s over a month before everything kicked off in Libya. I think these links answer the all important question , ‘Just who are the Libyan rebels?’ quite well.

    Wasn’t it something to do with the US bullying Libya along their coast for about 10 years and shooting up a few of their boats and about four Libyan planes as Gaddafi didn’t want the US in Libyan waters. There were loads of incidents between the US and Libya. So the US had to ‘engineer’ a reason to attack Libya as they’re trying their hardest to do at the moment with North Korea. There was a plane hijacking in which US soldiers killed about 20 passengers, and probably a CIA false flag operation in a disco in Berlin which killed a US soldier or two. Then the US said that they had ‘proof’ of Libya’s blame in Berlin in some telexes by Gaddafi congratulating the bombers. These were never produced at the time or since as far as I know. Then the US tried to kill Gaddafi and bombed Libya with hundreds of bombs and killed about 50 Libyans including Gaddafi’s adopted daughter because that is what the US do. They start fights and then bomb people if they get upset at their fight starting. Sanctions etc, ensued and then the Libyans handed over two of their citizens in exchange of the lifting of sanctions. As with anything involving the US, it’s a long and twisted, to and fro-ing story.

    Why can’t they just stay within their borders and mind their own business? The planet could then be more peaceful.

    I’ve never seen any proof of Gaddafi’s involvement in anti-US terrorism, but he was caught with his pants down supplying arms to the IRA.

    Bombing of Libya (1986)

    The Libyan crisis has followed previous rebellions in Tunisia and Egypt with protracted protests in most other Arab nations which has been dubbed the 'Facebook Revolution'. This too, may possibly have been instigated by the US military with the use of HB Gary Persona internet software which creates false internet identities to shape public opinion in favour the military’s agenda.

    Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people

    American and British troops have been in Libya for at least a month before the trouble started in Libya. There a interview with a US Senator Dennis Kucinich on Radio 5 ( Dotun Adebyo Sunday night I think )who wants and investigation into it as he thinks from his enquiries that the whole operation was planned was planned between the French and British transitional governments in November 2010.

    Libya and Beyond: How Did We Get There and What Happens Next?

    Two no-fly bombing zones, two invasions, one million dead and 20 years later. Yet, why is it still necessary to …… shoot protestors dead in Iraq? What could Iraqis possibly have to whinge about now? They been mollycoddled by the US, the greatest exponents of free market capitalism, freedom, civil rights, liberty and democracy on the planet, for over 20 years now. Don’t they have the finest democracy and freedom that money can buy already? Well, surely they must have after 20 years of concentrated US ‘influence’.

    Official tolls continued to rise throughout the day, and at present it is believed that a minimum of 23 Iraqi protesters were slain by security forces, slain while demanding access to clean water and better hospital services. Hundreds of others are believed to have been wounded. 26-02-11

    16 killed in these protests 17-03-11

  • 10 years ago

    The only reason the Libyan people 'loved' and 'respected' Gaddafi, is because if they didn't they would probably be arrested, tortured and murdered. That was a common occurence in Libya. I was watching one Libyan woman the other night who's son had been standing next to an anti- Gadaffi slogan on a wall and been arrested. She never saw him again, he was only 12. The Libyan people were terrified of Gaddafi!! Remember all this started because of a peaceful protest for democracy by the Libyan people which Gaddafi decided the best answer for was to send in the military to surround Benghazi and openly declare he would search every home and cupboard to seek out the 'rats' who would be shown 'no mercy'. If it wasn't for the quick action of the UN, there would have been a slaughter. Not the first time Gaddafi would have the blood of his own people on his hands.

    There is so much foreign involvement because the UN resolution to protect the civillians was passed by 40 or so countries (including members of the Arab League). Many countries have been actively involved, but NATO mostly as they have the biggest military resources. 'Protecting the civilians' involved putting people on the ground to train them in weapons and tactics. I imagine you learn pretty quick when you are fighting for your lives and to protect your families.

    Very unfortunately, it would be rather difficult to pass a UN resolution to assassinate a countrys leader, but the resolution to protect civilians could include taking out alot of Gaddafi's military installations, and firing on forces advancing on the civilians. If you ask me, getting rid of Gaddafi would be the best way to protect them, but I don't think the UN would get away with that somehow. Best to leave that to the Libyan people.

    I don't think there's anything fishy about it as such, though after a Libyan peoples uprising it doesn't surprise me that the UN were quick to help give things a shove in the right direction, I think most countries would be glad to see the back of another tyrant. Good riddance I say, and good luck to the Libyan people.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    its all a big con and the western media in compliant in keeping the truth from the proles

    the west wants libya to become a failed state so that it can put boots on the ground on the premise of "protecting civilians" read syphoning off the cheap oil while the tribes fight amongst themselves

    Libya had free medical services,schools,public housing and the power companies were state owned and power was affordable to long do u think it will be before all this is sold off into private hands and big profits

    if u want a less biased view on the Libya conflict go to

  • Libya has mig 42's where they get them from since the mig designers have not even got to a mig 30, and the Russians have no plan to exprort the advanced mig 35 fultrum

  • 10 years ago

    What I do get a whiff of is Libyan oil flowing to America and Europe

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Very well spoken. !00% on. The question of the day is where is the big Moe.

  • 10 years ago

    No, an evil hitlerite dictator has been disposed, time to celebrate.Why do people always say this is about cheap oil,we never see any of the stuff.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    10 years ago

    You make a very good point!

  • 10 years ago

    Yeah, the smell is coming from between Sarah Palin's legs lol

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