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where to get an english bulldog puppy in laredo texas?

affordable price, either laredo or san antonio texas


affordable but not trying to be a cheapstake many people with low money are great animal lovers! there was this lady that was generous to say she will accept a deposit and then pay the rest later but i would have to wait 8 weeks until the pups were ready. but i like to keep my options open

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    English Bulldogs are not registered with the AKC, but the UKC registers them. Here is a puppy listing for Texas

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    English Bulldog Puppies In Texas

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    There is no AKC English Bulldog out there that will be affordable. You may find one somewhere (ie petfinder or a shelter) that will only cost you a couple hundred to bring home but once you own the dog you will spend a small fortune caring for it. Same as if you spend thousands on an AKC registered bulldog from a show breeder. The AKC bulldog has been so bastardized by so called show breeders that they are a unhealthy mess. No matter where you get the dog you will spend thousands of dollars on the dog getting it vet care for all of the issues the dog will have.

    Here are some of the most common health issues with the AKC bulldog

    Hip Dysplasia - 73% or more of bulldogs will have hip dysplasia. You will spend a ton treating but never curing it.

    Cherry eye - 40-50% will develop cherry eye in at least 1 eye. At least $250 per surgery per eye. There is no guarantee that one surgery will be enough 30% will require more.

    Demodetic mange - This is not really a mange mite issue as it is a genetic issue. All dogs are infested with this mange mite. Only dogs that have a suppressed immune system will develop Demo mange. If you breed dogs that have genetically suppressed immune systems you will produce pups with the same. Hence why poor breeding is the cause of Demo being prevalent in the AKC bulldog.

    Allergies - This follows the same line as Demo. Poor immune systems.

    Issues dealing with even moderately warm temp. The irresponsible AKC breeders breed for the extreme sour mug type dog. A dog with an extremely pushed in muzzle. The vast majority of bulldogs also have pinched nares as well. All of this results in a dog that is prone to heat stroke from even moderate activity in reasonable temperatures.

    Some others that are very common are elongated soft palate, small trachea, dermatitis, luxating patella, conjunctivitis & eye entropian.

    Don't get me wrong I love bulldogs but what has been done to the AKC bulldog is atrocious.

    Source(s): 25yrs breeding Mastiff and Olde Bulldogges
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    Rescue is the only way you will get one cheaper. K9lvr1219 is an idiot, dog do not have baggage... I volunter for doberman rescue and rescue dogs might have a few problems but they are easily TRAINED out of them, it's usually something that any normal dog owner should have trained for in the beginning. And they are WAY quicker to bond to you than a puppy because they know you got them out of a bad situation and dont have all they "puppy distractions" to keep them from adoring you 24/7 With that said. Bulldogs are RIDICULOUSLY expensive to breed. I should know my stepmom bred her show girl once and ONCE ONLY! She had to be artificially inseminated because the breeding didnt take. Then she had to have a C-section, THEN she was a horrible mother and my stepmom had to take an unpaid vacation to nurse the puppies I even came home my first two weeks of college to help out because she hadnt' gotten any sleep! Its really only through love of the breed that they have survived.... lol. If you can get one cheaper than that DONT that is a REALLY bad sign, usually a quality dog will go for at least $2000 usually more. We had 2 puppies die before they were weaned and one of the idiot owners (my stepmoms, sisters sister in law) that we thought would be a good home walked her in the middle of the day (We live in dallas and it gets just as hot here, though i'm origionally from west texas and prefer the dry heat to the humidity.... bah wrong subject). Anyway my point is, they are expensive because they are hard to bring into the world and even harder to keep around, bullies have LOTS of problems besides the obvious ones like heatstroke and breathing. Even GOOD showdogs will probably get demodectic mange at some time early in their life (it's an immune disorder, not contagious) and are susceptable to staph infections. They also get cherry eye and entropion and severe food allergies (just some of the things WE have had to deal with with our 2 bullies). I'm not trying to bash the breed but if your not willing to pay premium for a puppy then you wont be willing to pay for the extra medical costs that come with the breed and that's just not right. Besides, anybody thats cheaper has something SERIOUSLY wrong with their dogs or is a puppy miller.

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    A shelter or rescue. You can also try

    Stay away from pet stores, websites, craig's list, and newspaper classified ads... Those are all puppy mills or backyard breeders. Unhealthy dogs. Bad temperaments. Unethical. Irresponsible. Expensive.

    If you insist on going through a breeder, the ONLY good options are breeders officially listed through the breed club. But that's going to cost you a lot of money.

    So... The best choice? Shelter, rescue, or Rescue pups are the best!

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    Bulldog rescues, since I figure your idea of "affordable" is not in line of what a well bred bulldog puppy costs.

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