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What are the best alternatives to teflon coated nonstick cookware?

I am less worried about the little bit of extra oil I use than I am about having the chemicals from non-stick pans accumulating in my body.

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    My first choice would be a cast iron pan, but consider what you want to cook in it as a 12" pan with a lot of food in it is heavy to toss. We seasoned and cared for it would be the best IMO

    I would suggest a 10" copper heavy based Stainless Steel pan as it will work better on the large and small elements of you oven as a 12" one will not work as well on a small element.

    As my oven is to the left and almost next to the wall, with the large element on the left it is harder to use as you can't stand behind it as well, and if you have another pot on the right element it gets in the way.

    It may not sound much like a problem unless you are in it.

    The other alternative would be a well seasoned carbon steel frypan (the same as a wok)

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    I have used quite a few pots over the years. I have settled on All Clad as my favorite cookware for everyday food preperation. I also do not like to using teflon in my cooking. Cuisanart came out with a new pan coating in ceramic material.this pan doesn't chip or leach into food. I have the 6, 8,10 inch skillet and use at least one pan once a day. They have held up well for over 18 months. Although I would throw away a pan coated in Teflon as soon as it started to flake.

    If you want the original non stick pan , that would be a cast ironed skillet, completley seasoned.

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    Try to find stainless pots with a core of aluminum or copper on the bottom and use pam or other cooking spray. Better grades of non-stick cookware hold up very well. I have had a few non-stick Circulon pot for over ten year and they are still in great shape. I do try not to use metal utensils, though I think you can on these pots. All of these pans are on the expensive side.


    Cooks Illustrated tested more reasonable priced non-stick pans and T-Fal was the winner. Apparently they even held up to using a knife to cut foods in the pan.

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    forged iron Pans, while pro wisely, will supply you a great organic non stick provider. There are each and every now and returned training for seasoning forged iron cookware on the backside of the products while new. as quickly as your strengthen adequate "patina" that's a slick way of asserting leftover cooking debris :-) those training would each and every now and returned fill in, and alter into unreadable. the terrific unmentioned element to undergo in concepts approximately those products, and it ought to sound slightly gross, is which you mustn't attempt to bathe them with the help of scouring or with too lots of a detergent like first gentle, particularly first gentle. It does a great interest of breaking down the very deposits that create the non stick result on the pans. especially, you may get great forged Irons products from some hardware shops like Harbor Freight. I relatively have even offered some for an emergency at a dollar Tree shop. solid success in case you attempt the forged iron path.

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    I agree with bbt843 that stainless steel is the best option, but spend as much as you can afford on pieces that are heavy and well made, like All-Clad. A well-seasoned cast iron pan is good as well.

    That said, a non-stick alternative to Teflon is diamond-coated pans like those by SKK Cookware and Swiss Diamond.

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    Cast iron, properly seasoned and cared for, is just as non-stick as any non-stick pan, and will last for several generations. It isn't cheap any more, but it is worth every cent.

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    Stainless steel is a good exchange for non stick food doesn't stick to them if you use a little oil or spray.

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    Green Pan

    You can buy them from Home Shopping Network or on their website

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