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how to log into someone twitter without the password?

I looked on google and there is this code you send to twitters email e.t.c and it sends you a new password for a certain account. The reason i want to log into someones account is because i sent a DM (direct message) to the wrong person. However, i do now want to change the password to this account, i just want to log in for one moment to delete the message. I was once told that there isa hacking code to type in where you type the account password in and it would just log you in. Is there something like that? Or how can i log in without changing the password? And if i did have to change the password, would the person who's account it is find out? Would they be able to track my ip address or something and find out it was me? Tell me anything you know please

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    Never try it. If you sends a message then it's okay. Look If you changed his/her password the person will definitely come to know that his account is hacked. But he can recover it.

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    No. In twitter you need a password, If you don't have a password you cant enter.

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