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Vatsim - How do I know where there is controlled Airspace?

ATC usually privately texts me telling me to contact him on

but is there a freeware / payware that lets you see where the Controlled Airspaces curently are, and there frequencies and possibly more information?

I am running fs9 under Squawkbox.

Thanks in Advance.

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    You can look at standard aeronautical charts. VATSIM respects the airspaces exactly as they are charted in real life. If the real-world chart says that you're in Class B, then you're in Class B on VATSIM, too.

    If you are "flying" in the U.S., visit for online VFR and IFR charts. These are real-world charts, but those are the charts that VATSIM uses, too.

    Because VATSIM doesn't have as many controllers on duty as the real world, the charted frequencies are usually only partially staffed. While a real-world Approach or Departure control would work multiple frequencies, often this is done by only one controller on one frequency in VATSIM (except for major events or if multiple controllers happen to be online).

    The gadget that you installed to let you connect to VATSIM will display all staffed frequencies in your area. If all ATC levels are not staffed, then by convention you should contact the lowest level of ATC covering the airspace you are in. So on the ground at a major airport, contact Delivery or Ground if they are online, else contact Tower, or contact Approach if Tower is not online, and so on. If no ATC is online, the airport is treated as an untowered airport, and you announce your intentions on the CTAF (nominally always 122.8 for VATSIM). On VATSIM in the U.S., Center and Approach/Departure controllers will also work tower positions at all Class B, C, and (usually) D airports in their areas, if lower levels of ATC are not online.

    If you are already under control of ATC, the controller will hand you off to other controllers explicitly as required, just as in real life. If you're entering airspace for which no controller is online, you'll be handed off to 122.8 (a bit artificial, but it can't be avoided when you don't have 10,000 controllers online).

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    Dont worry about it. The controller responsible for you will send you a contact me when you get within range.

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    Ask in the gaming section.

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