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Jo Calderone real or just lady gaga?

Is he also a real person? like i know that lady gaga dresses up like him and stuff but is he also a individual different person??

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    9 years ago
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    Haha sorry, no. "He" is not real. It is only the Mother Monster herself. Don't feel bad. I didn't believe/realize it until a few hours ago as well.


    (not that wiki's are superb cites, but it helps a little...)

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  • 9 years ago

    Jo Calderone IS Lady Gaga, so they are the same person. That's her alter ego, so no, he's not a separate person. When I first saw the video for "You and I," I thought Jo Calderone was an actual man...until I read the comments. :O Awkward, because I'm really not a fan of Gaga, but I find him strangely enough, very attractive.

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  • Jo Calderone is Gaga's alter-ego. (Katy Perry is Kathy Beth Terry, Beyonce is Sasha Fierce) He was introduced in 2010 in Vogue Homme Japan front cover, then again in the You and I video, then the VMAs. "Jo" is both her dads nickname and her aunt Joanne (she died when she was very young) nickname as well. "Calderone" is either her grandmother or her mother (I can't quite remember :) maiden name.

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