What is a really good Guitar Amp for under 200 dollars?

I'm a Rocker. I like to play solos and riffs alot! So my amp is always on the distortion setting. Music I like is Guns n Roses, three Days Grace, Rise Against, And alot of those classic rock bands.

The amp I have right now is a Crate GX-65. It has distortian and clean (sometimes I do play on clean) but when I turn it to distortion it squeals so I have to turn down my guitar vol. to 0 to get it to stop until I want to play. It also so really grainy and roars with static. I bought it used for 100 dollars so the volumes stuck basically on medium (it can go higher just not any lower) I know the amp front and back so I know about gain and stuff and its not my guitar because I have a really nice epiphone guitar.

So please tell me a really good amp to get. I really have no clue about amps at all thats why im asking. The only amp I know is mine and I dont know how to get the sound I want even with pedals. So please give me the link to a nice amp hopefully under 200 dollars.

The sound I want is this:


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  • 8 years ago
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    I play a Peavey Vypyr 30W, which I got for around 200. (The 15W sells for 100, if that suits you better, but you get less features.) They're great amps, if you want a huge variety of sounds. It works wonderfully for sounds like the one's you're after, and without that feedback you're getting. Unfortunately, they can be quite glitchy, my first one just stopped turning on after a week, and I had to take it back. The replacements working pretty good so far, but does occasionally overwrite a preset or randomly jump into tuner mode. And that's my review!


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    <-- Sweet Child O Mine played through a Vypyr 30.

  • 8 years ago

    Try a Fender or Line 6 is really good. And Vox too. I got a Fender from Sam Ash for $100.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Mada in Japan Tama guitar is cheap and better to buy.

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