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Difference between wakeboard boat and deck boat wake size?

I have a deck boat with a wakeboard tower and was wondering if having a wakeboard boat would help me get more air I can clear the wake and 180 the wake I try to get high but just wanted to know if a wakeboard boat would help with that Alot or just help my height alittle?

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    The main difference is in the price you pay between the two boats. The Wake board boat has a way to control the type of wake it creates by adding water or subtracting water from onboard tanks to make the stern of the boat ride lower in the water, thus creating a deeper hole to form a big wake or no wake at all, (well hardly any wake). Then there are helm controls to keep the boat locked onto a set speed no matter the water issues.

    Your Deck boat is fine for what you do. The wake between the two boats isn't that much better to get you much if any, more air height. I know, I have friends with a Malibu Wake Board boat, friends with Bow Riders with towers, and then I have the Express Cruiser. My wake is almost 4' high at 50' behind the boat and most people get plenty of air behind me. We most use my boat for Wake Surfing and not boarding.

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