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Why did Maxine Waters to invite the Tea Party to her congressional district?

When she said "go to hell"?



You guys definitely need a Tea Party for your party.

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    Wait, there is a pattern:

    McCain states a parallel stated by another source, drawing attention to the similarity between the Tea Party and Hobbits! McCain became the "good" wizard that turned, and told the Hobbits to give up their fight against Sauron.


    Tea Party: Hobbits

    McCain: Saruman

    President Obama: Sauron

    Maxine Waters and the other members of the Democratic Socialists of America (a real group, folks, look it up, and one that Pelosi, Frank, and many others belong to):


    The cast is almost filled.

    This is only TOO funny.

    Time for the Socialists to leave my party (Democratic). We've had enough of them. The Republicans might want to consider doing the same to THEIR party (what health plan did McCain support? How about a couple of your other candidates? Don't kid yourselves. The DSA has members in your party as well).

    Enough of them.

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    Have you seen a photo of her face lately?? She looks like a I do not know but she sure is ugly.

    Looks like someone beat her with an ugly stick.I feel bad for her husband having that coming home every night.

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    9 years ago

    because, she "thinks", they cant be on their way to heel until she has them ambushed and murdered.

    Source(s): and i bet you think im kidding.
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    To tell them to their face?

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    lol that is hilarious.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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