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american breakdown movie?

what is this movie about? it it real? ive seen it at the redbox and paris hilton, paul walker, and other celebs are in it but i cant find it in imdb or on any of their imdb pages.anyone seen it?

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    DO NOT RENT IT. Look I never review anything online, but I am compelled to do so from how bad this movie is. My wife and I just watched it and she fell asleep before the end, but her last wish before she fell asleep was that I would go online and warn other people not to make the same mistake we did.

    Yes it is real. It probably isn't on IMDb because it sucks so bad they won't allow it.

    I too was tricked into renting this at Redbox. I made the assumption that with so many celebrity actors on the cover, how bad could it be? The extremely vague description of what the movie is about should have been a red flag. Not only is it vague, it's not even true. It makes it sound like the movie is sort of like Crash, where several lives are connected in some way.

    They aren't connected in any way whatsoever. It's just 6 short films of like 15-20 mins each. The stories are really meaningless and we kept waiting for them to make sense, but they never did. Aside from the last story, which was decent, the rest of them are very stupid. So you got bad writing. The acting sucks (especially Paris Hilton - no surprise). The quality is extremely low. Movies can be low budget and still be decent. This is awful. There's several times where the sound cuts without a cross fade. The video is grainy and looks like its shot with 90s camcorder. I couldn't believe how bad it is. It has a 2011 release and it showed up brand new in Redbox this week, yet at the end of the credits it says 2007, but that's still unbelievable. I'm almost convinced this was shot in the 90s and somebody finally got around to releasing it in a very half *** way.

    I don't hate movies, and I don't exaggerate, but this movie was probably the worst I've ever seen. I love movies and I watch them all the time. My degree was in film production and I shoot/edit movies for a living. Not only do I feel like I could make a better movie (given the cast), I think any film student could. I've been to some student film festivals that made me want to put a bullet in my head, but in retrospect, they were a better experience than watching this film. This movie was just shameful and never again will I make the assumption that a high profile cast can save a movie.

    I say again, DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE. Hope this helps. If I can save someone from renting this, I will have made the world a little bit better.

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    It is horrible! Don't rent it. My husband and I couldn't even make it halfway through! Wish I would have read reviews before I rented it, but the "all-star" cast tricked us into getting it and we were beyond disapponinted. Amazon had 10 reviews on it and the overall rating was a "1" if that tells you anything...

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    I just rented this movie. We rented it because of the cast members. I wouldn't even call it a movie. Its more like short stories with no point. Im very disappointed! Glad it was only a buck.

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    8 years ago

    Don't waste your time, I just saw it. Its a collection of 15 min clips that have no point. Its kind of like one of those movies that you see at a film festival..trying to be "artsy" but its a disaster. A little vulgar too. Have fun!

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    sorry paco but I dont watch american or lation movies . pasta

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