taylor swift fans out there..?

anyone got any interesting facts or info about taylor swift?:)

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    36 interesting facts

    about Taylor Swift 1. Taylor Alison Swift is an American

    country-pop singer-songwriter,

    record producer and actress. 2. Taylor Swift was the first celebrity to

    star on the cover of Justine magazine.

    Taylor was on the

    cover of the March

    2009 issue of

    Rolling Stone. Taylor was on the

    cover of the April

    2008 issue of

    Blender. 3. The first thing

    Taylor Swift did

    when she turned

    18 is register online to vote, in

    pajamas. 4. Taylor Swift became good friends with Miley Cyrus in 2008. She has referred to Miley as "so incredibly funny and

    sweet". The two performed "Fifteen"

    at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards

    together. 5. Taylor Swift attended the Australian

    premiere of 17 Again movie. 6. Taylor Swift made MySpace video

    about her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas

    after he reportedly broke up with her

    via a phone call, by portraying him

    with a Camp Rock doll. Taylor's song

    "Forever and Always" on her Fearless album is about Joe. 7. Taylor Swift has been writing songs

    since she was 12 years old, which was

    also when she started to play guitar. 8. At 11, Taylor Swift took her demo of

    karaoke songs door-to-door in

    Nashville. 9. Taylor Swift said that her favorite part

    of being on CSI was when she got to

    die. 10. According to Taylor Swift, she loves

    CSI and has seen every episode. 11. Taylor Swift has used two One Tree Hill

    stars, in her music videos. In

    "Teardrops On My Guitar" was Tyler

    Hilton who plays Chris Kellar and

    "White Horse" was Stephen Colletti

    who plays Chase Adams. 12. If Taylor could be really good at

    anything, it would be dancing. 13. Taylor Swift is consistently ranked

    Country's #1 artist on MySpace. 14. Taylor Swift has surpassed triple-

    platinum (3 million sales) status and

    has spent 20 weeks so far in the #1

    position atop Billboard's Country CD

    Sales Chart. 15. At 14, Taylor signed a publishing deal

    with Sony/ATV Music. 16. Taylor Swift was named 2008 Top

    New Female Vocalist by the Academy

    of Country Music. 17. Taylor Swift first kissed a guy at the

    age of 15. 18. Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor over

    the phone in about 27 seconds. 19. Taylor Swift wrote or co-wrote all of

    the songs on her sophomore album. 20. The name of the person Taylor Swift

    was talking about in "Teardrops on

    my Guitar" was her friend Drew

    Hardwick. 21. According to Taylor Swift, she is a neat

    freak. 22. Taylor Swift is the first teenager to

    make it big in country music since

    LeAnn Rimes in 1996, making her one

    of the youngest in history. 23. Swift has written over 200 songs. 24. Her song 'The Outside' was one of the

    first song she wrote (she was twelve)

    and she felt like a complete outcast a

    school. 25. When Taylor Swift gets bored she likes

    to conduct random baking

    experiments in her kitchen. 26. If Taylor Swift was not singing or

    songwriting she would be a forensic

    detective. 27. In 2007 Taylor Swift toured with Brad

    Paisley. 28. Taylor Swift is 5' 11". 29. Before the ACM awards where Taylor

    Swift performed her hit song "Tim

    McGraw," she had never met the actual

    Tim McGraw. 30. The actor that was in her music video

    "Tim McGraw," is named Clayton

    Collins. Although in the music video,

    they named him Johnny. 31. Her second single off her self titled

    album "Taylor Swift" is "Teardrops on

    My Guitar." 32. Taylor wrote every song off her self

    titled album "Taylor Swift." 33. Taylor Swift has a tattoo of a heart on

    her left foot on her CD. 34. When she was only 11 she performed

    the national anthem at a Philadelphia

    76ers game. 35. Swift used to keep practicing her

    guitar until her fingers bled. 36. Taylor Swift's grandmother was a

    professional opera singer, and

    inspired Taylor to become a singer

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    Her favorite number is 13. She is best friends with Selena Gomez, as well as many more. She was bullied as a teenager. She loves surprises and hardwood floors. Her musical influence is Shania Twain. She is 21 years old now. She learned to play guitar at age 12 from a computer man. She likes quilts. She has a collection of headbands and ribbons.

    For anything else, go to the site below!

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    In the Hannah Montana movie, Taylor Swift preformed a song.

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    So who's swift

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    Can anyone tell me the name of the villain in Taylor's Mean picture?

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    Lucky number is 13!

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    She has an album that is #8 out of all albums that have ever came out. EVER. Also she donates money and calls or meets all of the cancer patients that like her. She manages it all.

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    She once bought an ugly hat because she felt bad for it.

    She has a human sized birdcage in one of her houses.

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    One day, like all of us, she will die and be lost forever in history, merely a speck, a forgotten dot, with only atoms and the void left to signal her past presence.


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    she called her cats after her favourite fictional characters.

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