may i ask a CREDIT CARD QUESTION? which is best traveling credit card?

im starting a traveling church and i wanted to get a credit card? could i pay 100.00 a month. how much can i get on my card. im going to travel every weekend. i just need money for hotels and airline or bus or train. food and transportation and souvenirs i can pay for. im traveling every weekend. i might stay 1-4 nights away.

how much can i pay every month. is there a special credit card for ministries/ churches. can i get a lower interest rate. can i get a 0% apr for a long time?

how can i not pay too much a month. that is what im scared of. im scared of being in debt. how should i pay them do i pay interest or what they want me to pay every month?

i know i ask weird questions, but my mom and dad scared me about credit cards! lolol


i might get a 10,000 credit card. i might spent 1600 - 3000 on myself a month. 400 -600 a weekend.

im picking hotels with free breakfast and transportation lololol. i know doesn't matter. i might stay in a HOSTEL.

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    8 years ago
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    American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card is the best traveling credit card that I can recommend on you. If you’re planning on taking an RV or other road trip, it’s your best bet,” says Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of, a credit card comparison website, and a former Capital One executive. ”It gives you 6 percent cash back at supermarkets and 3 percent at gas stations.” Cardholders also get that 3 percent rate at department stores, and 1 percent on other purchases. Plus, there’s a sign-up promotion going on now that lets new cardholders earn $100 cash back if they spend $500 within the first 60 days after they’re approved. The only bummers: a $75 annual fee, and a rule that excludes warehouse store purchases.

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    Credit playing cards are most of the time a extra comfortable system to pay for matters and use on the ATM, as though there are any suspicions, your bank card supplier will have to flag it and touch you, to explain if the suspicious transaction used to be honestly made on your own. Some bank card vendors will cost you for making use of there offerings foreign, so investigate earlier than visiting. Debit playing cards are ordinarily unfastened to make use of from at any place you're on this planet (except for using a privately owned ATM, who would possibly cost all customers a rate for every transaction). Generally, debit playing cards are secure to make use of, nevertheless cash may also be taken out of your account plenty less complicated than by means of bank card. So, you both use your bank card for comfortable transactions and potentially pay for the provider, or use a debit card without cost, however isn't as comfortable as a bank card!

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    Sounds like you want a card so you can carry balances and not pay in full each month. This only lowers credit. Often destroys it

    If you get a card, pay it in full each month for those top scores.

    By paying in full you never pay interest and develop amazing credit.

    So, do not get a card unless you know you can afford to repay what you charge for.

    At what bank is your checking account?

    Google them and apply online for a credit card. Look for one with 1% cash back.

    Don't fall for gimmicks such as airline miles or hotels - they never beat 1% cash back

    Requirements for a card. Employment for 1 year, with sufficient salary

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