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Is a pontoon boat less expensive than a regular boat?

Just wondering if basic pontoons are cheaper than basic speed boats. Thanks :)

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  • Cliff
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    pontoon boats are often cheaper, and there are two main reasons for this:

    1. mostly alum construction. alum hulls are easier to mass produce, especially when its two pontoons and a sub floor / frame instead of one solid fully welded alum hull or a hand molded one at a time fiberglass hull.

    2. they tend to have smaller outboards powering them.

    the motor and drive system is often the most expensive part of a boat. my 2011 60 hp merc ran about $7,000 for just the outboard......

    pontoon boats are very roomy. matching lengths, you wont find something with more room then a pontoon.

    but pontoons are also not very agile, they cant zig zag sharply and make riding a tube FUN. nor are they fast enough accelrating to pull a skiier or wakeboarder...... and they dont kick up the right type of wake anyways to luanch off of.

    pontoons are also mostly alum, which is much quicker and easier to form and attach to other alum parts then fiberglass is.

    BUT, they make alum hulled boats of every hull design there is too, and they tend to have the same price advantage and the same smaller motors (which push them suprisingly fast since the boat is so much lighter then fiberglass, my 16' alum hull goes 40 mph with just 60 hp pushing it).

    if i was to buy a brand new boat today, i'd take soemthing like this one:

    its got all the features i want, bow mounted trolling motor, livewell, room for more then 3 with actual seats for them too (mine can hold 5 according to the sticker, but only has 3 actual seats).

    V hull to be more stable, and to allow more aggresive high speed cornering compared to my flat bottom hull, but still capable of getting into the tight spots the fish are hiding in.

    and both enough power and speed that with something setup to keep the rope off the outboard it could probably pull even skiier or wakeboarder (mine is limited to tubes and kneeboards).

    BTW, "speed boat", your very much average MOTOR boat, 18-24' fiberglass v hull, sterndrive powered with anything froma 160+ hp 4 cylinder 3.0 to a 330 hp v8 5.7 liter.

    and this typical boat goes 45 mph tops, give or take a few. regardless of which motor (bigger motor is heavier and in a bigger and heavier hull).

    a "speed boat" is one that hits or exceeds 55 mph, and has about another $20,000 in the price tag.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Pontoon boats tend to be cheaper then other variants. I am not sure what you mean by "Speed Boat" but I am assuming you mean other boats i.e. Jet Boats (More Commonly knows as SeaDoo Boats) and Bow Riders. Great thing about the pontoon is that they are stable and can fit plenty of people. If you cant get past the look there is also a variant called the "Deck Boat" they have the same function as a Pontoon boat but the hull is that of a normal boat. You should definitely explore the deck boats as well to see which one better fits your preference.

    Here are some of the Leading Brands for Pontoon Boats and a brief description.

    1) Sun Tracker: they are without doubt the leading manufacturer of pontoon boats. They are the manufacturers of the popular Bass Buggy, Fishin Barge, Party Hut and Party Cruiser Brands. They specialize in fishing and leisure market segment.

    2) Godfrey Marine: they are the manufacturers of the popular Aqua Patio Brand of Pontoon boats. It is one of the largest leisure boat manufacturers.

    3) Manitou: this is an industry leader that specializes in the luxury, leisure and performance niche market. Their performance boats come fitted with their patented V-Toon Technology.

    4) Aloha: they are the manufacturers of both the Waco Craft and the Aloha brand of pontoon boats. They also tend to specialize on the luxury market segment.

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  • 3 years ago

    Most Expensive Pontoon Boat

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  • reel
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Cheap Pontoon Boats

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  • jtexas
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    They are cheaper generally, but the two are very different. If you want a speed boat, you might not be happy with a pontoon. Just depends on what you will be using the boat for.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Pontoon boats are NOT BOATS.. they are BARGES and are not usable in any seaway other than on a lake full of drunks

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