If the USA had another civil war, would it be Liberals vs Conservatives and who would win?

Disclaimer: This is purely superficial.

Our country seems to be getting more divided by the day across ideological believes and platforms. But if there was to ever be another civil war, would be it Liberals vs Conservatives.

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  • 8 years ago
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    A second civil war in the United States would be divided along ideological lines, but there won't just be two of them. People will divide against one another, breaking into smaller "tribal" units based on affinity and common ideology. States will fracture away from the Federal government, which will be increasingly inept at holding back the ensuing chaos and attempting to establish control, provide services, etc., while at the same time the Fed will attempt to increase a greater hold over the people, to the point where something resembling "Martial law" is declared, possibly with a national pandemic as the justification. Nevertheless, the Feds won't be able to sustain the power grab, and the whole thing will collapse under its own, bloated weight. Most of the States will find themselves in a similar pickle, to the degree that they've bought into the idea of centralized control and regulation.

    Given that there are more private gun owners in the United States than the five largest standing armies in the world combined, I would say no one is going to win this fight. Look for the dollar to lose any value as real currency, the government to become irrelevant, and most people to survive (those who do, anyway) on a barter system and via the black market. The survivors will be the winners. Whether or not anything rises from the ashes remains to be seen, but its dubious, at best. There is no longer a common vision for the common good, as existed in the Revolution and as understood even in the Civil War (competing visions for the common good). There's no longer even a common definition of "good." Therefore, it is doubtful we'll be able to remain a single people.

    Source(s): What happens when a Marine tries to spark a 2nd American Revolution by assassinating the next President on Inauguration Day? Read Jefferson's Road: The Spirit of Resistance Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003VRZH84 Other E-Readers: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/19074 Paperback: https://www.createspace.com/3501944 The war begins in Jefferson's Road: Patriots and Tyrants Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00540ACLI Other E-Readers: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/63875 Paperback: Coming this Fall
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    I'm not going to write an essay, but I would think the conservatives might well win because military hierarchy tends to be conservative and conservative civilians, I think, tend to be better armed than liberals, though neither side is more committed to their cause. If the president were more liberal than conservative, I wonder how the generals and admirals would follow the orders of their commander in chief. Foreign powers would revel in the second American Civil War and might well contribute to both sides so we would destroy ourselves, and no IEDs would be needed nor would suicide attacks in any way. I don't think either side would have an edge in terrain simply because the war would be fought over the whole country in all sorts of terrain. I'm no young man, but I hope my new granddaughter lives to be a funny old lady and never finds out in the real world the answer to your question. Of course, neither side would win. One side would just lose less than the other.

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    What Would Happen If There Was Another Civil War

  • Conservatives are much more likely to be armed then liberals, so they've got the edge in firepower off the bat. Hunters and outdoorsmen are also more likely to be conservative, giving them a tactical edge in everything but the cities. What are the demographics of liberals/conservatives? Liberals tend to be heavily concentrated in urban cities. Conservatives are more likely to be spread out in rural areas. While this gives an edge in organization and communication to liberals it also serves as a massive Achilles heel: food. Who owns the farms? And who owns the countryside surrounding them? By besieging the large cities conservatives could simply starve out the liberals. Looking at the logistics of the matter I think liberals would get annihilated in a civil war.

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    It would have to be the conservatives winning. The liberals need someone to do things for them

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    Well it will most likely be America vs. The Libertarian Republic of Texas after Rick Perry is disgraced in the upcoming election, remains governor of Texas, and attempts to secede in the most vile act of treason.

    Conservatives do have more guns though, and they also like to target children. Just look at Anders Brevik and Timothy McVeigh.

    My guess is the conservatives will win by using children as a human shield, then shoot white American children in protest against illegal immigration from Mexico.

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  • whoo
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    Cons, because the libs are dived west coast and east coast. cons got all the middle states.

    • Cymaxtron
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      I wish that never happens, but watching how Oba pushes for more gays in the army and the army sends them to clinics (seen on Yahoo) i think they are about to ask him to resign, so a collision of society could start given the love of them for their immoralities.

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    If we were to get another civil war,no one will win

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Liberals. Conservatives couldn't call on ANY foreign country such as the UK, France, Canada, and especially China.

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