What is the best way to fight the DHS in Iowa?

We need answers and quickly. Parents immediately called the police when they got their 3 month old son from daycare two days in a row. He had awful scratches on his back, they looked like a child had scratched him. (mom has no fingernails) Even though the parents had no time or reason to inflick the injuries the worker took away their visits. They pick up their son at 8:00 AM and had contacted the police before 8:10 AM when they discovered the injuries. Worker is biased and actually told the mother she does not and will not believe her. No grandparents rights in Iowa. Child was taken at the hospital for supposed neglect. I was there everyday and child was in no way neglected. He was in the room almost the entire time and well cared for. Mother has Mental health issues that are being medicated. I have seen an injustice like this in the past and can't bear to see it happen again. They need to be working the cases like Casey Anthony not harassing those who have done nothing to deserve it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Wow, you managed to post this online. Why don't you google that information? Good luck!

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