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Was Australia involved in any of the World wars?

My school wasn't very good growing up and apart from teaching me proper grammar they didn't do much else. So now that I am 19, I am teaching myself a few important things about my country via the Internet. This is one of the things I would like to know, so I decided to ask as I know there are alot of kind, intelligent people on Yahoo Answers. Thank you all.


Hasan, I obviously said the reason why, please don't try to insult me. I'm sure there are things that you don't understand and I wouldn't mock you for it, so I appreciate the same courtesy.

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    WWI: Australian troops were involved in World War I, although the fighting was never on Australian soil. Australia joined the war because of our ties to Britain at the time - once Britain declared war on Germany it meant that we were also at war. Gallipoli was one of the more famous battles for Australia in WWI and is considered by some to be one of the events that started to form the concept of "Australia" as a nation - our "baptism by fire" (since WWI started only 13 years after Australia was federated). Australian troops were also heavily involved in the Western Front and we lost many men in several major battles, particularly around Ypres - there is an Australian war memorial at Fromelles in France where the French locals remember the contribution of Australian soldiers every Remembrance Day at a ceremony where they wear the uniforms of Australian soldiers.

    WWII: Australia was arguably more involved in WWII due to the Pacific theatre of the war. The Japanese attacked Australia (bombing of Darwin, and the midget submarines in Sydney Harbour), and Australian troops were heavily involved in major offensives in places such as Papua New Guinea during the war. Australian troops were also involved in the European and North African theatres of war, and became famous for their courage and involvement in key turning points in the war (e.g. the Rats of Tobruk). Australian involvement in the European / North African theatres, as for WWI, was due to our treaties with Britain at the time. WWII was also one of the factors in the decline in Australia's relationship with Britain and the increasing closeness of Australia with the USA - when Japanese advances were threatening Australia, Curtin asked Churchill for our troops to be allowed to return to protect Australia, and Churchill said no (I paraphrase, but this is essentially what happened).

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    Australia joined the war in 1939 because of the fact (because of the fact the Australian best Minister placed it on the time) 'great Britain is at war, and subsequently Australia is at war'. Australia strengthen into component of the British Empire, no component of the Empire did no longer connect the war on the British facet. there strengthen into 'no question' of Australia no longer being in contact. The equivalent concept could be (as an occasion) Texas no longer starting to be a member of the the remainder of the US in protecting war on Japan following Pearl Harbour. Australians initally fought in North Africa, Greece and Crete against the Germans and Italians. In 1942, after the eastern assaults those troops have been progressively introduced abode to combat in New Guinea and the Pacicific Islands.

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    Definitely. Both wars.

    WWI: When Britain declared war in 1914 it declared war on behalf of the entire British Empire, and that included Australia.

    WWII: Australia entered World War II shortly after the invasion of Poland, declaring war on Germany on 3 September 1939.

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    As a commonwealth country, they fought along side the brits in both world wars. The Australians had a huge part in the North African theater during world war 2. The Australian navy also helped out quite a bit in the Pacific theater of WW2, as they came under direct attack from the Japanese.

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    ANZAC troops (Australia/new Zealand) fought in both wars as part of the British empire, as did troops from Canada, south Africa, India etc..

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    No. The second world war was basically western Europe(minus Italy and neutral parties) and Russia vs Germany, Italy and Japan. The Americans jumped in after the bombing of pearl harbor, but Australia was never involved.

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    The first under the dominion of the british empire, the second of their own accord, despite having gained their independance.

    To which we are eternally thankful...

    zach; australian troops were involved in both conflicts.

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    your 19 and you don't know this O_o yes they were involved in both wars and obviously on england's side

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