how to improve mpg in 1995 ford f150 electronicly?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can't really, unless you want to gut the FI system and replace both it and the computer with an aftermarket system that shuts off cylinders on the highway (assuming it is MFI, if it is TBI, then you need a variable cam to shut the valves to shut off cylinders). And on the highway is the only time you would get any savings.

    Most fuel efficiency gains are through driving. Maybe I should rephrase: the "lowest hanging fruit" in fuel efficiency is driving habits. That is why hypermilers learn how to drive efficiently before investing in "things" that help increase efficiency. Of course, lower viscosity oil will help, better aerodynamics help, lower rolling resistance tires help, but those are all pennies on the dollar compared to driving habits, all of which cost you *nada*.

    Source(s): Look up hypermiling. You don't have to do everything those folks do, and some tactics are downright dangerous. But you can learn from them things that can easily increase fuel efficiency by at least 30% using nothing but technique...
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  • 9 years ago

    Put a single 50 or 80 series Flowmaster muffler on it which is the same pipe diameter as the factory exhaust. 50 and 80 series Flowmasters are quite subdued in their interior noise levels(inside the vehicle).

    Royal 5W30 motor oil with a Wix oil filter.

    Try the Autolite XP series spark plugs for your Truck. Likely XP104 is the cross-over for the factory spark plug.

    A nice set of "MSD" spark plug wires.

    Fresh 195 degree Thermostat.

    Clean filters.

    Proper tire inflation.

    Royal Purple 75W90 or Amsoil 75W90 in the rear differential.

    Add 2 ounces of 100% pure Acetone to the tank per each 10 gallons of gas.


    Source(s): Camshaft design/manufacture, full competition race engine building/development, failure analysis of internal engine components, carburetor blueprinting, drive-ability/MPG/durability expert.
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